Art is his way of telling his inner world, Gerardo La Porta is #ArtistOfTheWeek

Dag Hammarskjöld, a famous economist and writer, used to say that “We are not allowed to choose the frame of our destiny, but what we put inside it is ours.” 

Perhaps even today’s Artist didn’t choose his frame, but he was certainly chosen by a destiny that allowed him to create amazing paintings.
I’m talking about Gerardo La Porta, the rebellious artist who has always fought to pursue his dreams.

Gerardo La Porta

He started painting at the age of 12 when he was given a box of oil paints and brushes. At that time he didn’t have enough money to buy a canvas, so he took a rectangular piece of wood and started to mount a piece of wallpaper on it. He ran to the terrace, where he wouldn’t be disturbed by noise, and started painting.

He depicted his city with its palaces and its wonderful mountains as a backdrop, together with an heart, his heart. 

Gerardo La Porta.jpg

“That panting will remind me always the memory of that day.”

Gerardo La Porta

What’s Art for you?

“Art is my way of speaking, my voice. Through drawing and painting, I communicate my world to others. Art not only makes me happy, but it enriches and completes me. I believe that, in general, Art is able to reassure the soul and dispel worries.”

Gerardo 2.jpg

Was there any event that influenced your artistic career? 

“Yes, the encounter with a particular person has triggered in me the spring to become an artist. I have worked for many years on cruise ships and at some shows we used to call entertainers outside the staff of the ship. There was also a hypnotist among them; he came on board at least two or three times a week. One day he entered my office and noticed the drawings hanging on the wall and when he found out that I was the creator, not only did he compliment me, but he invited me to let others know about my works because he believed that my lines and my colors could give beautiful emotions to people.

This conversation gave me the right charge to believe in my abilities. I will always remember those words and even though he lives on the other side of the world today, I know that he continues to love and appreciate my Art.”

“Art allows us to create the world we like.”

Gerardo La Porta

Any funny episodes related to your artistic experience?

“Actually, there are a lot! I’ll tell you this now. You should know that when I was a kid I only wanted to draw superheroes. Think that at school we challenged each other and whoever made the strongest wins. So after my first canvas, I decided to paint my favorite superhero: Superman.

Forrest Gump.jpegForrest Gump

A few days later, my cousin and I decided to have a market, so I didn’t miss the opportunity and I also put my painting up for sale. Although it was appreciated by many, no one bought it. In the end, disappointed, I started crying and decided to give it as a gift, unaware of what the future would soon hold for me.

Sulla spiaggia.jpg

Sulla Spiaggia

A few years ago, I was asked to do a Superman painting: incredulous but happy, I accepted with joy. Unfortunately, the client finally didn’t buy it and the painting hung on the wall of my house, until one day…

My neighboors’ little girl often asked her parents to take her to my house to see this painting: when she came in, she would stay hours and hours to look at it and there was no way to detach it!

Since I couldn’t remain indifferent, I decided that the painting had to be hers. Even today, the parents tell me how happy he is every time he looks at him. And that’s how, with my sweet regret, Superman’s story came to an end and even though it came off my wall, this time I was very happy to give it as a gift.”

A personality that hardly goes unnoticed. A pop style that accompanies a particular and certainly unique vision of Art. His Original Paintings and Custom Paintings have already taken part in numerous events and collaborations, but we won’t disclose everything today.

Stay up to date, not long before the next story about Gerardo!

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