His tribal decorations have made him a unique artist, discover “Mother Africa” in #ArtistOfTheWeek

He started coloring his first canvas at 12, when he was given oil paints and brushes and never stopped since then.

Gerardo has an artistic personality which, as you already know, is characterized by the tribal decorations that he uses to depict tales of everyday life and fantastic scenes.

But there’s more…

What brought you to make “Mother Africa”?

“The idea for the painting started when searching for African women images on the Web for a specific project, I found a profile that immediately struck me. In fact, this very charismatic profile together with those beautiful classic African features amazed me. Knowing the situation of some women in Africa where they are subject to persecution and ill-treatment, I decided to paint however the pride of this mother and her strength synthesized in the joy with which she embraces her son.”

Mother Africa.jpgMother Africa

“My style is very reminiscent of the “Mal d’Africa”: the nostalgia for perfumes, the places I’ve been to, the people I’ve met.”

Gerardo La Porta

How did the creative process develop?

“In the beginning, the painting was only supposed to be a portrait of the woman with her turban. But to give more credibility to the title of my painting, I decided to also depict a child in her arms. Since I was really enthusiast by the finale result, I decided to send my painting to a magazine and, in 2018, it was selected and awarded the “Best Image of the Month!”

What we think in Artupia

“Gerardo’s Art is iconic: symbols, characters, places. An Art that is born from a stimulus, develops by telling a story and ends by leaving us a message. What he calls a mix of Pop Art and Figurative Art, is actually much more: a style never encountered before, which hides within unique particularities and facets. The figurative imprint is evident in the representations, so faithful to reality, while the Pop line is intercepted in the recipient, who is never a single person, but a community: it is Art for each of us.
What really impresses me are the forms assumed by the brushstroke, without any historical-artistic precedent. This brushstroke is often abandoned at a marked stroke, composed of lines that join together to give shape to the color.
Trying to capture his elusive personality, I come across film paintings, glimpsing a love for the moment, the instant, which becomes a prerequisite for giving free rein to the interpretation, customizing iconic scenes and making them the vehicle of an inner status.
Stopping for a moment, I reflect by observing “Mother Africa” and I understand how this painting encloses all the distinctive features of the “La Portiano” style. First of all, the jubilation of colors, the essence of Art, continuing with the magical linear brushstroke that composes the characters and ends up meeting the message. The love that every mother feels for her child, and that never before in this circumstance is primitive, excites me because it is pure, free to express itself and manifest itself in all its forms. The feeling that I can perceive is powerful, without barriers or distinctions, something that accumulates and transmits hope. I feel the nostalgia and lack that Gerardo has for such a fascinating land, which unfortunately I have never explored.”

Luca Carpi


Artupia & Gerardo

Gerardo created his profile on Artupia in April 2018. The artist was selected to make one of the paintings exhibited at the premiere of Disney’s film “Mary Poppins the Return”. He painted a beautiful Mary Poppins flying away with her umbrella and her bag, accompanied by the petals of the cherry trees.

His artworks have been also selected for the campaign #TakeMeHome, printed and distributed in four Italian cities (Milan, Venice, Pisa, Rome). Then it was exhibited in the Odeon cinema in Milan for the premiere of the film.



“My dreams is to spread as much as possible my vision of Art.”

Gerardo La Porta

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Gerardo collaborated with us also participating in our campaign against global warming, representing one of the most influential figures in the panorama of the fight against environmental protection at the moment, Greta Thunberg


Currently, Gerardo actively collaborates with Artupia by regularly uploading his creations and creating Custom Paintings for companies and individuals.

Discover Gerardo’s profile


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