The climbing goats, the story of a beautiful trip #ArtistOfTheWeek

Last week, we introduced you to Helene Cortese, an Italian artist and designer with colorful and lively artworks! Helene’s Original Paintings are indeed characterized by bright colors and refreshing drawings and the artwork we’re going to talk about today is no exception to the rule!

“In my paintings I love to paint the tree in motion, the tree that represents and supports life, a tree walking towards the future.”

Helene Cortese

Albero Di Argan Sotto Le Stelle


Albero Di Argan Sotto Le Stelle is a painting completed by Helene Cortese. 
Details: tempera on paper, 70×50.



Can you tell us a bit more about the story of this artwork?

Albero di Argan Sotto le Stelle is a painting that I completed after a beautiful trip to Morocco. My paintings are a lot influenced by my life experiences and travels I made, and especially this one! In fact, during this trip to Morocco, I attended a very special and funny spectacle! Goats climbing on the trees, jumping from one branch to another with grace, just like fruits in suspension. I’ve been amazed by that beautiful and special show! To me, it summarized in a very poetic way my stylistic and favorite thematic: I love to paint animals, contrasting colors and shapes.



Of course, reactions are always fun when people discover this painting. They usually laugh and don’t believe me when I told them the story, I always have to show them pictures of these goats in a tree! But you can check on the Web, there are many photographs of these Argan trees with goats on top!”


Why is this painting special to you?

“This painting is literally everything I like to paint in a nutshell!

“To me, it summarized in a very poetic way my stylistic and favorite thematic: I love to paint animals, contrasting colors and shapes.”

Helene Cortese

The subject also allows me to deal with motifs that I love to paint, such as the different types and layers of the ground that give me the opportunity to add elements of fantasy and particular colors that otherwise I would not have reason to represent. Layers, which I then repeat also in the sky.

The theme of the tree represents one of the subjects that characterizes me as well as symbolizes life. It is definitely an essential pictorial element for me. Moreover, I chose to depict that scene together with a night background to be able to add other fantasy elements like the starry sky, another theme dear to me, because it represents the “dream”. For these reasons, I am very attached to this painting but also the whole series I’ve made about my trip to Morocco.”


What we think in Artupia

“Helene has decided to depict in this painting a bizarre scene that she experienced during her trip to Morocco.
In this country, in fact, it happens to see climbing goats on Argan trees! I guess that this scene is quite unexpected and surprising! I’ve to be honest, I went to check on Google’s image too. I like Helene’s style, in particular, the landscapes she depicts, rich in detail, shapes, and colors. The tree is dominant in this painting, but there’s enough space also for the other protagonists: the goats. The animals are looking for leaves… or maybe for the stars! The artist’s stylistic choices such as purple birds, stars hanging from the clouds and dotted reliefs give to that painting a magical atmosphere. Helene is good at showing how much reality can sometimes approach fantasy.”

Marco Mura


Helene & Artupia



Helene joined Artupia in August 2018, her style immediately stands out for its round and colorful shapes used to tell moments of life or fantastic and surreal scenes. 

Helene was selected to realize one of the paintings used to launch the Disney film “Mary Poppins The return”. She depicted a magical vortex that rotates clouds, iconic objects, and characters of the film in circles.


Her artwork took part in the #TakeMeHome campaign and was printed and distributed in four Italian cities; Milano, Venice, Pisa, Rome. The amazing painting has also been exhibited inside the Odeon cinema in Milan for the premiere of the film. Helene is also one of the most available and present artists for Artupia! For example, when we organized a photo shoot for our artists’ paintings, she participated right away and with her natural enthusiasm.


Her collaboration with Disney went forward when she wa asked to complete a painting that was then donated in February 2019 to the Gaslini Hospital of Genoa for the inauguration of a new room in the Paediatrics department. Helene reproduced two of the new characters of Toy Story 4. The two characters, Ducky & Bunny, are represented with bright colors in a dancing position. A nice way for children to escape and dream!

Helene also collaborated during our event with SDA Bocconi Sailing Club, exhibiting Original Paintings around the theme “boat and seaside”. Last but not least, the Osteria della Darsena, a Milanese restaurant, selected one of her painting to exhibit in their venue. Helene also participate to our new service, the Custom Painting, for both users and companies. 



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