Happy Birthday Instagram: How Social Media Helped Save Art During Covid-19

The indomitable Instagram turns 10 this October, and although many of us don’t feel like (or are literally banned from) celebrating, the social media platform deserves a party, because it has helped save one of the most affected industries from the aggressive clasp of the pandemic; the art industry.

The Arts and COVID-19

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2020 has tested many industries around the world, hotel closures, restaurant curfews and even plunging airlines and travel companies into an unmountable well of dept. Workers have been made redundant, relationships strained, and lives lost as the world continues to fight the fight against COVID-19.

Countries around the world are tightening measures, and Italy announced all cultural institutions will close in an attempt to curb the rising infection rate. This measure resulted in uproar from creatives around the country, demanding the arts are exactly what the people need when spirits are low. At a time when artists are literally silenced and denied the tools to create, many are taking to the online platform to fill feeds and hearts with creative goodness. 

The Instagram Solution

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Instagram has been vital for boosting not only popular culture but also companies who have embraced the photo-sharing platform for marketing strategies, boasting 1 billion average monthly users and 500 million daily instagram stories. It’s presence and accessibility in our daily lives is second to none, offering a constant and easy means of staying in touch and staying informed. 

Given its highly-ocular nature, Instagram is an ideal virtual gallery for artists, allowing them to showcase their works without the need of a gallery space. This means that despite closures, artists are still able to continue creating, exhibiting and selling from the safety of their homes; questioning the importance of the art industry entirely.

The Instagram Effect

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The instagram effect has spread to other industries in 2020, with the hospitality sphere in particular learning to benefit from a powerful online aesthetic whilst their establishments are closed. Maintaining and generating interest through inspiring imagery on social media is not only vital to keep industry alive, but it is exactly the content users want, users want break up the mist of negativity with rays of positive escapism, which is possible thanks to artists.

Mantainting customer interest is paramount during a crisis for both artists and establishments, and an aesthetically-inspiring platform has proven to be the way to do so. An increasing number of venues have turned to adorning walls of their establishments with art and captivating décor in order to remind users of the unique experience they offer. 

Artupia for Companies!


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