He turns wastes into colourful Art #ArtistOfTheWeek

Last Monday, we introduced you to Emiliano Cavalli, this dynamic and colorful artist. Today we’d like to focus on one of his artworks, Lost Fish. If you participated in our event #MakeArtNotPollution then you probably already met Emiliano and had the chance to admire his work and Lost Fish


Can you tell us a bit more about Lost Fish?

“My painting Lost Fish is born from the idea to give a second life to an old canvas found near a dumpster.

The particularity of this painting is that I concentrated all my features and my colors. I like to use bright colors in my Art to express my creativity but also to send strong messages to the viewer.

Emiliano Cavalli for Artupia


Other characteristics of mine are to add text in my shapes: portraits, animals, heart shapes, my paintings are expressive and sometimes aimed to denounce things.

Like for the event #MakeArtNotPollution where I completed a statute with plastic bottles. Pollution is an important topic, particularly to me, and that’s why I completed Lost Fish.” 


What we think in Artupia

“The first time I saw one of Emiliano’s artworks, I was mesmerized by his talent and incredible connection with reality represented through the bizarre and eclectic canvas.
Looking at this painting, the first idea that comes into my mind is freedom. The ocean is so vast that fish are able to go wherever they want, whenever they want. At the same time, though, it can be a trap too because of us, human beings. The best solution?

Trying to escape. Trying to have a second chance. I figure “Lost Fish” as a metaphor of our lives. We spend our entire existence “swimming” in our daily life pretending we are free when, in fact, we constantly find ourselves running away from our issues, trying to find an alternative solution in the meantime. Humans and fish are very much alike.

Emiliano’s style is recognizable in this work as much as in everything else he has done so far. The monochromatic background brings attention to the marine animal and its colorful scales and its message of being lost when it is actually trying to find its way for a second opportunity in life. This artwork represents one of the main reasons why I love Art: it has the incredible ability to make you think whether you are really owning your life, or if you are just trying to survive by getting through the day.”

Melania, Art Community Manager


Emiliano & Artupia

Emiliano is one of the very first artists who registered on Artupia in 2016! He immediately got success on Artupia thanks to colorful style full of energy: lines, polka dots, padlocks and hearts, Emiliano has many resources and perfectly knows how to play with colors and details.

His talent made him selected by Disney to complete a painting for the film launch of “Marry Poppins, The return.”

The artwork represents Marry Poppins dressed in polka dots with the iconic heart of Emiliano and other elements coming from the movie. This painting also took part in the campaign #TakeMeHome where artworks selected by Disney were printed and gifted to people in the streets of four big Italian cities (Milan, Venice, Pisa, and Rome).

Emiliano Cavalli for Artupia


The original one was then exposed to the Milan movie theater for the film premiere. After this successful collaboration, Disney commissioned two other Custom Paintings to Emiliano, representing characters of Toy Story 4

We told you, Emiliano has a lot of success in Artupia! For the Design Week 2019, in collaboration with Badari, he exhibited one of his portrait in the XLux Pavillon. Since we really enjoy working with Emiliano, we also invited him to participate in our event #MakeArtNotPollution and our collaborative artwork for the 50th anniversary of the Gay Pride.

Last collaboration so far, Emiliano’s work has been selected by the new Milanese hotel INNSIDE by Melia to decorate one floor. The hotel selected Original Paintings but also asked him to complete Custom Paintings illustrating Milan City.

Emiliano also had the privilege of designing the logo of the hotel uniforms!

At the moment, Emiliano actively collaborates with Artupia, regularly uploading his new paintings and creating Custom Paintings for companies and privates.

Emiliano Cavalli for Artupia


Discover Emiliano’s profile


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