Her paintings are an ode to life! Helene Cortese is #ArtistOfTheWeek

Is the talent genetic?! Well, maybe but for Helene Cortese there is obviously also a part hard work and willingness to live from her passion that brought her where she is today: a complete and renown artist and designer in Italy. Helene Cortese is our Artist of the Week.


Helene Cortese

Helene has been surrounded by Art her whole life with a mother portrayer and a cousin designer. From the influence of her childhood and her trips, to her study in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Helene developed a colorful Art style, an ode to life and nature that will for sure make you smile.



Can you tell us a bit more about your influences?

“I grew up in an artistic family: my mother is a portrayer, my home was full of work from the artist and ceramist Gabriella Pandolfi, and my cousin, Rosa Frisoni, is a talented designer for a Brasilian company in Sao Paulo. She’s for sure the one who transmitted to me the passion to draw! In fact, every time she came to visit me in Italy, she entertained me, drawing with me subjects of all kinds and especially animals and nature in general.”



Albero di Cuori Che Corre

“Thanks to this wonderful person I started to see what surrounds me with different eyes and to feel the color, another characteristic of my painting.

The thing is that, even if I think that the coloristic sensibility is innate, from my life experiences and travels I made, images and landscapes I’ve seen, to the exhibitions I visited… every little things have contributed to influence my style and refine my artistic vision.

A lot of people see in my most imaginative paintings echoes from the French painter Henri Matisse. He has certainly influenced my style in a more mature phase of my career, just like Chagall, another artist that I have a lot of admiration for.”


“I started to see what surrounds me with different eyes and to feel the color”

Helene Cortese


What do you like to paint?

“In my paintings I love to paint the tree in motion, the tree that represents and supports life, a tree walking towards the future. I also like to paint landscapes, especially sea views of Sestri Levante, a city that has always inspired me a lot. The colors of Sestri Levante also influence my other passion, the ceramic. In general, I would say that anything that makes reference to life is subject to my paintings.” 



What about your career path?

About my career path, I started to exhibit my work in Italy and in France. The first important recognition I got was in 2006/2007 when I won the “Pagine Bianche d’Autore” in Liguria. Sometimes life makes beautiful surprises when you know that my paintings got temporally lost during the shipping to the exhibition. But they finally found them and I won the prize!

Also, the first prize of the Department of Culture of Genova and the choice of a painting of mine kept in Lingotto in Turin, have encouraged me in the artistic path.


Helene’s style is particularly lively and revives our childish mind, allowing us to put more colors in our lives! Her talent makes her Original Paintings very unique and good news, Helene Cortese is available for Custom Painting too. If you liked her story and you’re curious about her work, , don’t miss next week article about one special artwork she made, and her collaboration with Artupia and other companies.

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