His eyes pierced her soul: the story of Laverack #ArtistOfTheWeek

You already know her, she is Alice and she’s from the beautiful and eternal city of Rome.

A week ago, she told us about her passion for animals and how she expresses it painting them on canvas.

Last week, we published an article about her story and we started showing you a bit her work; today we’ll go further and talk also about her collaborations with Artupia.

We asked Alice if, among all the paintings she depicted, there was one that she particularly likes. I can tell you that her answer was a big “yes” since this painting represents the passion she has since she’s little.



Laverack by Alice Fois.
Details: acrilic on canvas, 80×80.

Can you tell us about the meaning of this painting?

“One day, I found a dog photograph on the cover of a National Geographic magazine.

It’s hard to explain why but I’ve been amazed by this animal: I felt like his eyes were able to see my soul. They weren’t there to judge me, but to inspire me.

Alice Fois 2.jpeg

I will always be grateful to those eyes, it is thanks to them that today I feel this particular chemistry with animals. It is as if they were drawing on my behalf, they are my hand, my inspiration.

I am particularly attached to this painting. Oh yes, I’ll admit that, a good part of me hopes to never sell it.”

What we think in Artupia:

I still remember the moment when Alice signed up on Artupia and started uploading her first paintings. It was impossible to remain indifferent. I immediately felt something special in her paintings, she has a very special way to communicate compared to other artists: her paintings intrigued me so much that I wanted to know the story behind the subjects she depicted. I have always loved Art, its communicative power and its ability to overcome the boundary of the imagination. Over the years I have realised that even a realistic work can have infinite interpretations, contrary to what one might think.
Each animal is different from the others, but try to think of how many people share the same stories, emotions, and passions thanks to their animals. Looking at Alice’s work, I remembered the afternoons spent with my own dog; it was a Setter just like Laverack! At that time I was moving to another city, to start a new adventure. In an instant, it was like I went back in time and saw all my memories. I was happy, just like then. I believe that all paintings share the same truth: whether they represent places, people or objects, for each of us they will have a different meaning, and unconsciously we will always try to go beyond the painting.
This is Art, do not be afraid to be carried away by emotions.”

Fabio Visentin

Alice & Artupia


Ara Macao


Ara Ararauna

Alice joined our community on December 2018. It is now almost a year that she amazes us with her realistic style and her sophisticated use of colors. Her strong passion for animals helps her to refine an incredibly detailed technique.

Alice already collaborated a few times with Artupia, she has been selected to make a live painting during the premiere of the movie “Toy Story 4” in Rome. The artist showcased her great talent on the red carpet, painting two Toy Story’s characters. It was her first experience live painting and a great success!

Even if it was a challenge because the paint dries faster when painting outdoors, I think my performance was a success because I received a lot of positive feedback and so does Artupia for promoting young and emerging artists like me.”

Alice Fois


Alice is still astonishing us every single day: the day she registered on Artupia, she sold her first painting, and not just any painting but this amazing portrait, “Panthera Tigris”, an acrylic canvas painting.

Many of you who already requested a Custom Painting to Alice can testify of her talent! Who’s next!?


Panthera Tigris, di Alice Fois

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