How Art is the Ticket to Social Media Marketing Success

To say the corporate world was turned upside down in 2020 would be a gross understatement. The corporate world was turned upside down and then sedimented in a centrifuge, leaving many enterprises desperately scrambling to salvage this irreversible residue. CEOs, business owners and managers have had to embrace their inner chameleon, and quickly adapt to this new way of life. 

Although the world is slowly reprising its old habits, many brands in the hospitality sector that rely on hosting and interacting with consumers are battling to compete for clientele. Demand, however, is steadily back on the rise.

Competing online

The problem, therefore, lies in a brand’s ability to not only reassure consumers they will be safe in their establishment, but to find a way to stand out amongst the, predominantly online, crowd. The online world became a source of refuge for millions enclosed in their homes, GlobalWebIndex reported a 10.5% increase in social media usage in July 2020 compared with July 2019. This sharp increase wasn’t only due to boredom, but establishments who quickly jumped on the ubiquity of Instagram to promote their brand.


Artupia Live Painting Event for SDA Bocconi Regata Gala 

Instagram in particular is saturated with inspiring images, allowing users to liberate themselves of measures, masks and mounting cases. Social media marketers and hospitality establishments should note this desire for escapism in their posts, because it’s exactly what users are looking for. It’s our innate humanness that drives us to seek diversions at times of difficulty, and visual tools are the best, if not the only, way to achieve this.  Video has continued to prove the most effective for engagement amongst users, as it’s the most immersive which is exactly what users want. 

The answer? Live Painting.

When appealing to potential clientele on social media, it’s important brands use content that will immerse, inspire and captivate users. Art has proven to be particularly effective for promoting brand awareness, especially videos of artworks being realised, as it’s simultaneously relaxing and engaging. 

Artupia’s Live Painting service allows for companies to book an artist to live paint an event as it happens, permitting guests to see a work of art unravel before their eyes.

Booking a Live Painting for an event will leave not only a lasting impression on guests at establishments, but will also provide establishments with unparalleled marketing material.

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Artupia Live Painting Event Toy Story 2 Premiere

 Artupia’s previous collaboration with Disney saw the platform organise a Live Painting of the premiere of Toy Story 4 in Rome, which not only fascinated guests but resulted in a surge of followers on social media platforms after they used images and videos of the event to promote the premiere. 

The dynamics have changed


Artupia for Melia Hotels International

Using creative content sparks creative thinking, which in turn cements a brand’s identity into being innovative and unique.

The competition online means it’s harder to get noticed, so merging spheres such as art and hospitality is a sure fire way to attract consumers because it forges a connection between brand and client.

Sparking creative juices directly resonates with audiences because it creates a sense of community; the very thing clients currently crave. 

Want to stand out from the crowd? Download our case study on our collaboration with The Walt Disney Company here.

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