How to AR: Your Go-To Guide for Everything Artupia

AR stands for Augmented Reality, and is a groundbreaking technology that allows users to superimpose an image onto their view of the real world through headsets or smartphones.

“Why would I want to do this” I hear you cry? Well, because as consumers of art, experiencing a painting is paramount when purchasing one. Artupia’s AR feature means you can select any painting from our collection and see how it will look to scale anywhere in your space!

This is an extremely useful tool as it promises an immersive means of engaging with a painting, allowing you to see how the painting not only will look, but also feel in your home. 

Sounds scary? Fear not, because we have a fail-safe guide on how to AR with Artupia. 

Step 1: Download the iOS App!


If you don’t have an iPhone, then now is definitely the time to get one. Apple’s latest WWDC conference saw the iPhone adopt a widget feature that is more familiar to Android aficionados. Now even the most devout followers of the little green droid are jumping on the cyber-fruit-bandwagon, and in turn are reaping the rewards of not only a myriad of advantages offered by iOS, but also our latest app update! 

Step 2: Create an account!

This will allow you to get all the necessary information and insights about our paintings.

Step 3: Pick a Painting!


Browse through our thousands of Original Paintings and pick one. 

Our new and improved UI will have you swiping faster than finding a date on Tinder, after quarantine measures were lifted.

In fact, a study claims that iPhone users have more luck in love. A survey found that 70% of singles would prefer to date someone who owns an iPhone as opposed an Android, and 35% of iPhone users wouldn’t even consider a date with an Android user… 

Step 4: Try before you buy!

To try out our AR feature by clicking this symbol. 

Top Tip: Before clicking the AR symbol, ensure you’re already in front of the wall you wish to project your painting upon. We recommend finding a wall with space either side of where you want to display your painting, so you can proceed comfortably with the next steps and truly see your painting to scale!  



Step 5: Follow the steps!

1. Move your phone side to side to scan the wall in front of you.

2. Move your phone side to side to scan the floor in front of you.

3. Line up the green line where the wall meets the floor, and then click the screen!

4. Voilà!

    Step 6: Add another photo by clicking the +

    Create your very own gallery wall by adding another painting! Tap the + as depicted in the image. 

    Whether it’s a powerful pop art painting, a minimalist masterpiece, a tasteful nude, a unique abstract rendering or a bold bucolic canvas, you will be surprised at how well different styles of art go together.


    Step 7: Save to your collection, add to bag, or try it out in 3D!

    AR Campaign Post 1.jpg

    1. Save to your collection on Artupia by clicking the ‘a’ symbol.

    2. Add to your bag by clicking the bag symbol. 

    3. See the painting in 3D by clicking the 3D symbol.

    Step 8: Take a Pic! 

    Upload your photo to Instagram and tag @artupia for a chance to get featured!

    Augmented Reality seeks to blur the boundary between real and virtual life, offering you a multi-sensory experience without leaving your home. All the kids are doing it nowadays, so why not give AR a try with our app and avoid getting FOMO.


    Download the App


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