Adapting to Coronavirus: Heighten Customer Experience with Live Paintings

COVID-19 has inundated not only lives with restrictions and anxiety, but businesses have been forced to adapt to these uncertain times. When it comes to customer experience in the time of Coronavirus, satisfaction isn’t what it used to be. Customer care, experience and journeys not only need to provide a sense of trust and loyalty, but also care, concern and above all, connection. 

Delivering an experience that is both empathetic and inspiring

Research shows that 64% of customers seek socially responsible brands that appeal not only to the heads of consumers, but their hearts. Customers want a lasting memory, to be truly wooed by a company in unique and innovative ways.

They want to feel like they’re contributing to a cause, helping the underdog and a part of something bigger. With coronavirus, it’s important to also ensure customer safety, and as the world slowly resumes a level of normality with gatherings and events retaking the stage, finding a way to boost experience whilst maintaining measures isn’t easy.

Artupia’s Live Painting service has proved a popular means to provide customers with a creative experience whilst allowing them to maintain a safe distance from each other. 


Artupia’s Live Painting Event for Disney at the Toy Story 4 Premiere

What is a Live Painting Event?


Custom Painting of Woody for Toy Story 4 Premiere

Live Painting is a planned artistic creation where artists complete a painting in a public setting, in real time. The painter’s goal is to interpret the event as it happens, entertaining guests and capturing the atmosphere of the company environment. Guests can watch the painter from a distance, and then marvel at the finished result- which is given to the company organise as a very special keepsake.

Artupia has provided Live Painting for a range of corporate events including Disney and Bocconi, successfully assisting them in launching products, organising galas, and creating unique and memorable marketing material.

Special requests can be made before the artist starts their work, allowing the company to be completely involved in the creative process, so the final result aligns with the event’s goal.

The answer is: connection


Regatta Gala Live Painting Event for SDA Bocconi Sailing Club in Lerici


Artists Completing Live Painting During SDA Bocconi Sailing Club Regatta. 

Art and marketing are both vehicles of communication, yet artists have the special ability to connect emotionally to their audience. This doesn’t mean guests need to be left sobbing, but it’s through emotional connection that buyers are more likely to make a purchase. 

Corporate events certainly hold the power to dazzle event-goers, but it takes an artist to engage with guests on an emotional level. Artists are tuned into the world around them, feeding off the atmosphere and using it to fuel their creative process, which is exactly the energy needed to assist guests in connecting to a brand on a sentimental level.

It’s a marketing gift that keeps giving

Promotional Video SDA Bocconi Sailing Club

Live Painting is ideal for increasing visibility both offline and online, as the theatricality of the event encourages guests to photograph and share it on their social media pages. Branded hashtags and ‘chances to be featured’ are surefire ways to encourage this, whilst engaging guests even further. This free marketing is then quickly disseminated across the void of ‘likes’ and scrolling, picking up new fans along the way.

Artupia For Companies


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