How to Curate Your Very Own Gallery at Home

One of our missions in Artupia is to make Art accessible to the largest audience possible. With this in mind, we work every day to make paintings affordable for our Art lovers and rentable for our artists. 

Our objective is clear; find and empower new Art collectors and allow them to enjoy and share their passion with their friends and family. We want to defy the Art industry and break the stereotype that one has to be rich in order to own a personal Art collection. So if you are ready to experiment with new things, we strongly encourage you to take the leap and start investing in handmade artworks (and emerging artists). 

Don’t buy nice Art, buy the Art that you love!

undefinedVesuvio All’Alba – Alessandro Rizzo

Art should be felt before being seen. Forget about the investment or making mistakes, buy the Art you love and which represents you. In fact, buying a painting is different from buying a pair of shoes or a new bag, the artwork will follow you everywhere you go, at every step of your life, in every new house and apartment you live in! So choose something that evokes real emotions
or reminds you of a wonderful memory. The perfect piece of Art will be something you instantly appreciate and feel a parallel connection with… the painting that never fails to make you smile when you look at it. In the end, paintings are stories and emotions so invest in the ones that mirror your personality.

Open new doors and be curious.

undefinedDon’T Lose Your Head – Katelyn Earnest

Engaging with the Art industry requires you to be a curious person. In fact, when searching around for your perfect painting, you will meet artists and Art lovers who will be more than happy to share their personal collections and tell you what they think about yours.
At Artupia, we strongly encourage our community of Art lovers to share their collections so that they can spark inspiration in others and help people discover new styles of paintings that they like.

In my opinion, the best part when buying artwork is meeting with the artist, talking about his work and the story beyond the painting. Also, I had the chance to attend a few live paintings shows organized in our headquarters in Milan (come to visit us!) to witness firsthand how an artist is able to create and execute their vision from beginning to end. Seeing the process from A to Z is an additional story that you’ll be happy to share with your loved ones. So push yourself to open new doors, explore new places, meet new people and fully experiment with Art!

Artists are also an additional motivation to start collecting artworks. In fact, remember that behind each painting, there are hours of hard work, passion and dedication. Supporting the emerging artist’s community is another crucial mission at Artupia and our Art lovers. Therefore, we are very proud to sell their unique pieces at a fair price which synonymously benefits the artist and the buyer.  

Invest money yes… but grab the resale chance too!

“Some people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
Oscar Wilde

undefinedInterference 8 – Greta Martino

When it comes to determining the “right” price of painting the task is not easy. Prices can sometimes appear random and vary significantly from one place to another. The price is clearly one of the factors that contribute to making Art inaccessible to everyday people. Buying paintings is an investment: original, handmade and unique artworks are much more expensive than a simple print you can find in any home decor store. However, the price of a masterpiece can also fluctuate depending on trends in the Art market, and this will be the moment for you to seize the resale chance!

At Artupia, we spent years developing an algorithm that was able to evaluate artwork and determine a fair price based on objective criteria such as hours of work, the size of the canvas, the level of detail on the painting, the material used etc. After the artist accepts our algorithms starting price, the painting then gradually increases in value and price based on the social interactions it receives with our website/app users such as the number of times it’s viewed or added to someone’s online collection.

This algorithm allows buyers to not only acquire original and unique paintings on Artupia at a very competitive price but also, to resell them on our website and get a return on their investment. A collection of paintings is not something static since your taste and purchases will naturally evolve as you make new discoveries in the Art industry! That is why we want Art lovers to be able to fully enjoy Art by encouraging them to resell so that they can constantly update their personal collections. 

At Artupia, we believe that Art is for anyone who wants to experience it and that’s why we are highly dedicated to making Art accessible to everybody by defying any elitism in the industry and making the financial investment motivating for all. So clear a wall in your home and start enjoying Art today! 

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