How We Used Colouring to Fight Coronavirus

As you’re probably aware by now, Italy and the world is in the midst of a rather serious crisis. Hospitals across the globe are filling up fast with patients needing urgent intensive care to cure the catastrophic effects of COVID-19. Italy was the first country in Europe to feel coronavirus’ overwhelming impact on not only health, but also the economy, relationships, and our concept of normality. 

Life in quarantine

In times of such unprecedented change and chaos, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important; each other. Whilst many struggled with not being able to see friends or family, others grappled with the detrimental effect quarantine had on their mental health, and ICUs in Italy began crumbling under the pressure. Makeshift clinics were set up in military tents across the country to attempt to meet the demand of this aggressive disease, while Italians felt isolated and desperate to know when life would start again.


An e-colouring book 

Here at Artupia, we immediately banded together to find a way to use art to not only raise essential funds for IRCCS Foundation Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico here in Milan, but also unite a segregated nation. We, therefore, teamed up with our incredible artists to create an e-colouring book for both adults and children to print and complete at home. The e-book featured the outline of works by our Army of Artists, where both adults and children alike could mindfully colour in the images, and allow their brains some repose from this anxious period. ⁠


All proceeds of the e-books sold were donated to Policlinico di Milano, to help them meet the unfathomable demands of Coronavirus. We would like to thank everyone who donated, coloured in and participated in this initiative, and of course we would like to extend the utmost gratitude to our formidable artists. 

Stay safe and remember, andrà tutto bene.


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