INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa chose the colour Artupia

The well-known Spanish Chain Melia Hotels International inaugurated in December 2019, a new hotel in Milan, and Artupia has been selected as their art provider. An excellent opportunity for us to promote and share the talent of our artists. INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa dropped off their bags in the aerial Galfa Tower, one of the most symbolic skyscrapers of Milan. The hotel mixed business and leisure, together with a unique and immersive experience based on art.

Spread over twelve floors, the idea of Melia was to dedicate each level of the hotel to one specific Milanese artist selected by Artupia, offering an immersive and unique experience to their guests. From pop-art canvas, realistic paintings, to interpreted art, the hotel selected a total of 88 artworks, both Original and Custom Paintings. Following Melia’s request, the twelve chosen artists completed Custom Paintings on the theme “Milan City”, each of them with their singularity and character.

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We adhered to Melia’s project with much enthusiasm since one of our objectives is to promote the work of emerging artists! I think we can say that it is a success since thousands of visitors will now be able to admire the work of Daniela Cervi, Elena Galimberti, Emiliano Cavalli, Giancarlo Siniscalchi, Itala Gasparini, Lorenzo Monegato, Luca Rancy, Mario Mori, Michele Penna, Stefano Pallara, Cimino, and Vincenzo Marino. Each painting is identified through its title, the artist’s name, and a QR code to access the artist’s profile on Artupia. 


In the second aspect of the collaboration, Artupia provided INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa with a unique logo for their uniform, a new symbol for the venue. 

After a contest, Melia entrusted this task to Emiliano Cavalli. Emiliano created a colorful heart together with a highly symbolic recall to Milan City: the Duomo, the silhouette of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, the Castle, the Navigli Canal, and of course, the needle, symbol of the Fashion industry. This logo even inspired the hotel restaurant name: BATTICöR – “heartbeat” in Italian.

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As unique as Emiliano Cavalli’s style, this logo perfectly represents the singularity of the hotel INNSiDE Milano Torre GalFa.

We want to thank again the twelve artists who participated in this project: your talent and flexibility were the keys to this collaboration!
Thanks to you, a step forward to reach one of our missions has been done: make art accessible to everyday people and offer to these emerging artists the visibility they deserve.


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