Is the pandemic the right time to redecorate the office?

It will soon be COVID-19’s 11-month anniversary, which continues to see the world rapidly adapting to accommodate new measures, quarantines and curb the rising numbers. Some changes have, in fact, proven positive (drop in pollution levels, rising tiger numbers, reconnecting with old friends), yet these changes, albeit necessary for saving lives, have been a very hard adjustment for most.

The home office dilemma 


In the world of work, it was and is the sudden ‘home office’ that hit enterprises and workers like a, well, unforseen pandemic.

Although some companies have now managed to offer a hybrid working-from-home and working-from-office system, many are still yearning for a right to call home, home and the office, the office. 

Redecorating the office certainly isn’t high on the to-do list for most companies around the globe, since over 50% of workers are currently working from home

Not all employees have, however, the measures in place to work from home efficiently, with many suffering from sore backs and insomnia. Other workers, despite having a state-of-the-art desk set-up, suffer from a lack of interaction with colleagues and the more social aspect of the office environment. 

So what’s the solution?

Many are predicting a sort of office renaissance, where workers will return to work despite the remote working trend.

Offices will be revamped into covid-friendly, social-distance-respecting environments, where safety of staff can be assured, whilst that muchneeded connection between humans is maintained. For most companies, establishing what the customer needs is the priority at a time like this, in order to keep commerce alive.

Priority should, however, be shared with what the worker needs.


With upheaval comes opportunity to reconnect with what’s important and to offer solutions to unresolved problems.

Pre-pandemic life saw office life moving to a minimalist, table-football-providing warehouse filled with artisan coffee, standing desks and games that hail from the 90s. Although office decor sought to bring a sense of ‘fun’ to the workers, it was a decor that was clichéd and absent of meaningful interaction.

The post-COVID office


Offices will be forced to adapt to suit social distancing, and with it they risk depriving workers of that vital connection to their surroundings. Interior design, and inspiring aesthetics can transform a space into a social and collaborative environment. In recent months, art and home design tools have seen a surge in consumer action, with many curating their homes into motivating havens. Why not do the same to the office?

An original painting displayed in a room holds instant and transformative potential, whilst actually being very affordable. Increasingly, studies have shown that art improves cognitive function and memory, and can have positive effects on work ethic, motivation and places of business. 

Artupia’s original paintings are not only affordable, but flexible, offering companies the chance to rent, buy or even create a masterpiece for their office. 

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