It is not too late to make something great for Christmas…

Aaaah Christmas… whatever is your nationality, your belief, the language you speak, Christmas is one of the most exciting events of the year (at least for me): you celebrate it with your family, your friends but also with your fellow colleagues! And you know it, every year it’s the same thing: what should I gift to the one who already has everything?

I know that Art might not be the first thing that comes to your mind but let me give you 3 reasons why you should think about it! Ready? Vamos.

It means a lot.

Yes, Art is something sometimes hard to appreciate cause it’s so subjective.


But you can avoid this kind of situation and opt for a 100% Customized Painting by commissioning whatever you want to one of our Artists! Choose a picture that you like, one that has a special meaning for you because it reminds you of something great or someone you love. Select the style that you like the most: realistic style? maybe something colorful like pop Art? or are you more into something totally (re)interpreted by an artist?

You can literally choose the style and the Artist that you want, and ask them for the moon! Below a nice example of what you can do! 

Custom Amici Richi.png

This painting was a gift for a graduation party. Isn’t such a cool idea?

Once you decide on the subject, the style, and the Artist who’ll complete your painting, we’ll handle the whole shipping and payment process (hassle-free).

It’s hard to explain why but offering a Custom Painting is something really personal that will touch the person you made it for. A painting has a different connotation than printing a picture, it is something that lasts in times, something precious. You kind of transform a moment into something artistic. 

“To me, you’re Art”, that’s the message we like to communicate.

This year, you’ve been so many to order Custom Paintings from our talented Artists: we thank you for your support and your good feedback. We’re happy (and proud) to know that all these beautiful artworks are hung out on someone’s homes.


It’s so hipster and cool.

” – What did you get for Christmas?
 – Oh, I got an amazing piece of Art completed by this Brasilian Grandma, a self-taught artist of 75 years old”.



Cool right? On Artupia you can find literally Art from thousands of different Artists in the world. Grandson of Michelangelo or self-taught, our Artists are so diverse that you’ll for sure find the piece of Art that talks to your soul. Besides, not only you’re buying something priceless but you’re also supporting the worldwide artistic Community.


It creates an atmosphere.

Maybe you have friends who just moved in into a new home! A piece of Art in a living room or in a bedroom definitely brings something different and creates a special atmosphere.

An empty wall can be filled with a large painting or you could even imagine multiple portraits or landscapes, creating harmony and bringing character to a room.


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And if you don’t know what type of artwork to choose, you can always offer them an Artupia gift card!

I found out in a recent study that people are not comfortable buying Art first because of the lack of transparency on the price, and second because they’re afraid to be disappointed by the finale rendering when buying online. At Artupia, we tried to solve these two issues! 

First, each painting uploaded on the platform has a price set by an algorithm that, based on certain parameters (size of the canvas, time spent, technique used, etc.) provides the painting with a starting price. According to the engagement level of users, this price will increase, for example when the painting is added to a collection, sold, shared, etc. The details related to the level of involvement are shown in the price breakdown and helps to better understand the value of the masterpiece.

Second, on our iOS app, we feature AR to allow you to visualize directly and in real dimensions the painting you like in your house! A nice way for you to start creating your new environment! 

And if you’re still afraid of buying Art online, or you just feel lost… well you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help! 

We wish you a Merry Christmas (a bit in advance) and hope you’ll have good times with your loved ones.

Remember that Art is not only about colors but also stories, so start to write yours today


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