Let me introduce you Artupia 5.3

Working in a startup is challenging! You always need to reinvent yourself and adapt your product to users’needs and requests, and that’s what we are doing in Artupia! We just released a new version of our iOS app, Artupia 5.3! 


What’s new in Artupia 5.3?

The first thing we did is to fix some bugs and clean some code to make the app faster. Because just like Apple, we believe that technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone, we also implemented accessibility features like VoiceOver, Voice Control, Dynamic Type, and Smart Invert, making Artupia 5.3 a fully accessible iOS application.

But the most significant change is the Custom Painting process. We listened to our users and realized that many of them prefer to start the creative process by selecting an artist that fits their budget, rather than choosing a style. So we brainstormed, sketched some ideas on paper, get many designs done, ran some tests, and here it is! 


You still have the choice.


We decided to divide the tab Custom Painting into two sections: 

Start by uploading your picture: the path is similar to the previous one. You first upload a picture that you’d like to be transformed into a painting. You choose the style you like, an artist, the size and it’s done. 


Start by choosing an artist: when you click on “choose an artist”, you’ll see a list of available artists for Custom Painting. You can filter them by style, focus, price, format, and sizes available. 
You can also sort them by price and availability. 
When clicking on the artist, you’ll access a quick summary of their work and characteristics. 

Artupia 5.3 iOS Artupia 5.3 iOS Artupia 5.3 iOS


Once you select the artist, you’ll have to choose a painting among their previous work to “inspire them,” which means to let them understand what exactly you appreciate in their artistry and what you expect to get for your painting. The last step is to upload your picture and add your instruction for the artist – you can literally ask for the moon!

We hope you’ll enjoy this new process; your feedback is essential for us, so feel free to test the app and leave us a review. If you have a more specific feedback or just a remark about the app, you can always send us an email to [email protected]

Have fun on Artupia! 

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