Van Gogh and comics made the painter she’s today, Elena is our #ArtistOfTheWeek

There’s a famous Italian song from Vasco Rossi that says:

“La vita è un brivido che vola via, é tutto un equilibrio sopra la follia.”

What does it mean?

Literally, that life is a thrill that flies away, it’s all a balance over madness.

I really like this quote and I think, just like Elena Galimberti, who’s our Artist of the Week, that it’s a nice motto! And you’ll see, Elena made this quote hers: in her life’s choice but also in her artistic style.


Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and how you discovered Art?

“My name is Elena Gamberti and I’m an Italian artist, born and raised in Milan! Art crossed my life path for the first time when I was very young, maybe 6 or 7 years old. I remember being on vacation and, walking around, meeting that man in a street. He was drawing comics… he had such a great talent, I was literally shocked by his skill and remained amazed for a while. At that time, I was already drawing a bit, especially Mickey Mouse covers. 

I hoped to be as good as that street artist. But let’s say that for me, the revelation, the moment I understood the power that Art has on me, was when I was 11 years old. I was randomly leafing through my father’s encyclopedia, looking at images about Art from prehistory to the present day when I saw it…”


Love at first sight?

“Exactly, I was shocked and struck by a painting that still today, I can’t forget. I didn’t know anything about the artist, but my heart has squeezed as I was watching Vincent van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows. I felt overwhelmed by a feeling of anguish, despair: the colors, the strokes, the power of the drawing left me speechless, I began to cry … Only years later I read the story of the great Vincent and was surprised to discover that, that painting, without a description, without anyone explaining it to me, had transmitted to me the exact emotions. This is what I mean by Art: transmitting one’s emotions without the need to explain them. Reality must pass through artists and come out interpreted by them. I then saw that painting for real years and years later, in Amsterdam. No one managed to detach me from it for more than half an hour as if I was sucked into emotions. A real miracle.”


What does happen next?

“After this wonderful discovery, I continued drawing; I was reinventing the covers of the records as I would have conceived them referring to the lyrics of the song itself because I thought “wrong” the covers attributed to them. Then fate separated me from Art, my parents prevented me from attending such an environment… and many years passed until one morning I woke up with an idea in mind: finding a painting class! I had to devote myself to Art… and my chance came when one day, I found a brochure about painting lessons in my mailbox and made a call to register right away. The Art world was opening to me, I devoted myself to ceramics too, sculpture and gradually, recommended by an Art critic, I invented my own personal things and here I am.”


Papaveri – Elena Galimberti


Magritte – Elena Galimberti


What is your next step as an artist?

“I’m still working hard to find my own particular line and be recognized for my style! My dream is to be able to always do what the mind, the imagination suggests to me. Like Vasco Rossi said in his song Sally, “life is a thrill that flies away, it’s all a balance over madness”. My life escapes too quickly, like a thrill, but gave me emotions that only madness understood as creativity and fantasy. That’s what makes me feel alive.”

undefinedUna Finestra Sul Mondo – Elena Galimberti


Elena is for sure an Artist with an incredible style: each painting transmits strength and expression to the viewer. Colors, shapes, contrasts, Elena studies all of her artworks to offer the public unique and inspirational paintings. 
Next week, we’ll unveil a bit more about Elena and one very particular Original Painting she depicted. Don’t miss next week’s appointment and in the meantime, go and discover Elena’s talent on her profile!


Discover Elena’ profile


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