Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Why a Custom Painting is the Perfect Present

“Social Distancing” and “Self-Isolation”; in the past month we’ve seen invented terminology, which sounds like an ode to my teenage angst, go viral (pardon the pun). 

We have woken up to calamity and many of us are unable to visit our loved ones, leaving us instead logging into Zoom calls to salvage the echo of familiar faces and voices over a virtual aperitivo. At a time when we feel powerless, it’s important to remember we are not. Staying at home, washing your hands as you sing Happy Birthday is important (especially to those born in March and April), but nothing is as effective as love and compassion. I’m not saying we can cure Covid-19 with a hug (a rampant violation of the one metre rule, so please don’t try this at home), but it is through solidarity that we can triumph. 

Living in the worst-affected country in Europe, in the worst-affected region, has opened me up to a visceral appreciation of now-proscribed daily activities, such as travelling, congregating and physically greeting people. These are activities that many communities around the world are denied, with or without coronavirus, being marginalised due to war, exile and discrimination. My privileged Western life has had a taste of what it means to be confined, denied and treated like a threat to society, leaving me to reflect on life’s most important quality; love

How do we show love when we can’t leave our homes? 

Words and actions are crucial, with a lot of us showing daily acts of kindness to those of us in our vicinity, by offering to go shopping for those less able and more vulnerable. What about those who are far away? I know a material act of love isn’t at the top of most people’s agenda, but surely taking it off the screen and into someone’s (sanitized) hands is exactly what we need right now? Physical connection without the risk? Having said that, showing someone you care via an e-card or Amazon-wrapped package feels impersonal and distant, so here are three reasons you should stay home and gift your loved one a Custom Painting. 


Elena Galimberti, Notturno 

1. Your home is your life, so add life to it

Our homes have recently been transformed into offices, nurseries, schools, playgrounds, gyms, studios and restaurants, so it’s easy to lose sight of it as a sacred and safe space for you and your family to live and relax in. Houses are highly personal spaces, and while we want you to adapt to your new temporary lives, we don’t want you to lose sight of the happy memories shared before this crisis. 

Our Custom Painting service allows you to transform your favourite image into a painting for your home. Our team are available to guide you through the entire process from artist selection to delivery! You’ll receive previews of your piece as it is completed to ensure you’re happy with the result.


Custom Painting Created for Sara Pagliaroli 

2. You’ve got mail, but will you get coronavirus?

No. According to WHO, it is safe to receive packages, even from Coronavirus hotspots. The virus is unlikely to survive for long enough on these surfaces. The official answer to this question on the WHO website reads: “The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.” 


Custom Painting Created for Chiara Primavesi

3. Social distancing doesn’t mean the end of socialising

The peculiarity and alienation of this situation is not only overwhelming for thousands due to economic and health reasons, but overwhelming emotionally too. As an expat here in Italy, it’s a strange reality to come to terms with not knowing when I’ll next see my family or friends in the UK, so gifts and physical manifestations of love are paramount. Connection is integral to human experience and like thousands of others, I have found myself glued to my phone screen yearning for a constant source of virtual affection. Unexpected, non-digital, and highly personal surprises could be exactly what your loved one needs, reminding them of brighter days that will, I’m sure, be here again soon. 


Hsin Lin, Everybody Needs a Little Bit of Sunshine 

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