Milan Gay Pride: our amazing collaborative artwork!

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Gay Pride, the worldwide event that aims to fight for homosexual recognition and equal rights. But Gay Pride is more than just an event – it’s a chance for people to express their individuality.

Yesterday, Wednesday 26th of June, we wandered down streets of the famous Navigli district to bring people together to support the momentous cause by contributing their artistic styles to our collaborative masterpiece – thank you to all who participated! 

You were more than one hundred people to participate in our collaborative artwork: from children to adults, groups of friends, couples, families, local residents but also many international tourists! You all joined our event by contributing to our canvas by drawing what you believe represents: love, family, community, equality, tolerance, justice, solidarity and courage.

By asking people to draw on Artupia’s canvas, we wanted to demonstrate that although we’re so different (whether in cultural identity, sexual orientation or even in our artistic drawing styles!), it doesn’t mean we don’t support the same causes or share the same values. 

The truth is, we have the ability to create something beautiful and genuine if we simply come together and actually celebrate our differences instead of arguing about them. 

Yesterday we all witnessed firsthand that Art has no gender, age or cultural requirement but instead, that Art is for anyone who wants to experience it. 

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This event could not have been a success without the help of our amazing artist, Emiliano Cavalli. In fact, Emiliano was in charge of painting colors on the canvas to create harmony and turn the artwork into something original and unique. At Artupia, we like to collaborate with our artists since they are the heart and soul of our community and, we were particularly proud yesterday to see how many interactions we created amongst people and how many smiles and handshakes we exchanged.

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Yesterday’s event was also a way to demonstrate that we can all be an artist, regardless of our drawing skills. A lot of you nervously said “but I am not an artist, I can’t draw” but, once the fear and worry dissipated, the satisfaction of participating in an Art project could be seen on all your faces.

At Artupia we strongly believe that Art can evoke real emotions and spark self-reflection in a very special and unique way. Forget about boring Art and start to revolutionize your way of expression by joining our community!

We are so happy and proud of the final outcome! Our Gay Pride artwork is individual, handmade and totally one of a kind. We will donate the painting to an association that supports young homosexuals. Once again, we want to thank you for helping us because your presence yesterday positively contributed to turning this project into something unforgettable! 

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