Our Top Black Friday Painting Picks!

It’s that time of year again; giving thanks, eating turkey (or nut roast, whatever our dietary preference) and filling our minds, bodies and souls with everything pumpkin spiced. Many of us might not be feeling particularly ‘thankful’ this year, because, after all, this year has been nothing short of an episode of Black Mirror. There is, however, a reason to be thankful, or rather to thank the very thing that has kept you safe during this modern day dystopia; your home.

So, whether you’re already writing your Christmas shopping list, planning the perfect gift for a friend or if you simply fancy treating yourself, check out our top Black Friday painting picks and enjoy €25 off every purchase!

1. Azzurro Mare

€187  €162

With the absurdity of this year, most of us were unable to get away in the (what now feels like distant) summer. Azzurro Mare (Blue Sea) is the perfect addition to any interior this winter, guaranteeing to bring some maritime magic with its rich blue palette.

The silvery streaks that trickle across the piece also make it an ideal Christmas gift, because, although it depicts the azure Italian coastline, there is something wintery about the piece’s finish…


Marco Saporiti, Azzurro Mare

2. Ritratto Di Donna

€81 €56


Davide Damato, Ritratto Di Donna

This one is great for those on a budget, looking for the perfect addition to a gallery wall or a lonely corner that is crying out for a cultural remedy. Ritratto di Donna has a certain aura of solitude that balances precariously over the painting, like the last pack of toilet paper bracing itself on the shelf in the supermarket when new lockdown measures are announced. 

Unfinished or complete? The beauty of graphite is that it can be effortlessly executed in a minimalist  or hyper-realistic style, so we’ll let you decide that one.

3. Dinner Guest

€249 €224

You’ve probably not had many of these over the past 10 months, so here’s one in oil on canvas who won’t drink too much and knock over your beloved baby cactus crèche and then fall asleep in your driveway.

He also brought a plant, how thoughtful. 


Jonathan McAfee, Dinner Guest

4. Interference 2

€53 €28


Greta Martino, Interference 2

Like Tik Tok, minimalism isn’t going anywhere, and continues to thrive in all domains of design.

This is the perfect, affordable piece to enjoy on its own, or as a part of a gallery wall, where you could continue the monochromatic trend or add pops of colour with vibrant furniture, artefacts and accessories! 

5. Omaggio a Klimt

€469 €444

Why not finish the year with an epic gift to yourself, or your nearest and dearest, with this, well, epic painting by Elena Galimberti.

Not only has she recreated one of the 20th Century’s most famous paintings, but she’s done it in a pop art style to really boost its contemporary setting.


Elena Galimberti, Omaggio a Klimt

Or Create Your Own!


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