Photography vs Painting: Why a Custom Painting is the Best of Both Worlds

The pervasive smartphone is like an extra limb for many of us, always ready to capture the events and memories we seek to remember. Photography has become a popular artform with which to decorate interiors, and with advancing technology it’s possible to have these snapshots enlarged without compromising on quality. 

Although photography is a very respected medium, especially in this hyper cyber world, turning these images into a Custom Painting has the power to reconnect us to the deeper essence of the human condition that lies within these memories. 

In fact, when photography’s invention was announced in 1839, artist Paul Delaroche famously proclaimed,“Painting is dead.” We’re not here, however, to argue or debate which medium is better, since without photography many artists wouldn’t have been pushed to explore groundbreaking techniques which led to Cubism, Surrealism and Impressionism. We think photography has given everyone the ability to be an artist, which is why we have paired this dominant visual currency with the deeply emotional value of painting, bringing you the best of both: Custom Paintings.


We’ve highlighted three reasons why you should turn your favourite photo into a Custom Painting for your home.

1. Head vs. Heart

Photography is a predominately reductive and mechanical process, in the sense that photographers capture the very crux of their subject. Led largely by the head, a photo simplifies matter, representing the basic forms and objects of what is before the camera. Painting on the other hand is a highly emotional and additive process: working in layers to portray the human experience depicted in the piece. Painters render a subject according to their interpretation, conveying a depth of meaning that is very much led by the heart. When pairing these artistic elements in a Custom Painting a truly powerful result can be created, since it’s always better to lead with both the head and the heart…


2. Actuality vs. Abstract

The photographer’s role is arguably to document (although with the prevalence of Photoshop and filters, its ability to truly document is becoming increasingly obscured). Photos intend to capture what is ‘real’, whereas paintings intend to imitate and interpret. Undoubtedly, becoming a skilled photographer takes time because capturing a photo is heavily dependent on external factors. Photography is, however, heavily reliant on a tangible subject in order to work, whereas a painter relies on more abstract methods to give life to their works. When combining these practices it is possible to tell the story behind the photo. Our artists transform pixels into brushstrokes, pictures into artworks and moments into memories to create the perfect Custom Painting for you.


3. Multiple vs. Original 

Photographs can be printed, emailed, Tweeted, Whatsapped or sent by carrier pigeon (if you like things old school). The dissemination of imagery online risks desensitizing us to what we’re viewing, missing out on the true value of visual vocabulary. The advantage of a Custom Painting lies not only in the fact that it is a highly personal rendition of your memory, but it’s also completely unique. Our artists can even alter backgrounds and colours at your request, so you’re always fully included in the creative process. 


Create Your Custom Painting


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