She doesn’t just paint animals but their emotions, Alice Fois is #ArtistOfTheWeek

Today’s story is about a young and super talented artist who’s been lucky enough to discover her passion when she was very young.  

“During high school, I used to draw on textbooks’ pages or even on desks”.

Alice never stops drawing and refines her style to become an accomplished artist, an artist who depicts particular subjects… 

Alice Fois.jpeg

Alice Fois

This is Alices’ story.

Alice is a young Italian girl, born in the magnificent city of Rome.
At school, she had the best time of her life for sure but school is also where she started drawing, where she realized the special gift she has. Alice’s particular characteristic is painting not only animals but their emotions. I think that just like us in Artupia, you’ll be surprised by how realistic her paintings are.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

“I started drawing before talking, it was my favorite free-time, I used to fill all my books with drawings.

When I started painting, I didn’t imagine for a minute that I would become a painter full-time.

This life path, my life path, it all started by chance


R&W, Alice Fois


Alice Fois 3.jpeg

What was the turning point for you?

“Almost six years ago I went to live on my own, so I decided to get a dog. I’ve always had a passion for animals, but since when I have him, my life completely changed.

Thanks to him I started painting.

I customized the collar he has and, one day at the park, a lady asked me where I went to get that done. So I told her that I was the one who did it. She was very impressed by my manual skills and so asked me if I could create something for her.

That’s how I paint my first portrait for someone else. I painted her dog.” 

“Who paints for profession won’t succeed easily, but probably he will be happy” – Alice Fois

What are the things that make you happy about painting? 

“Often people tell me that my gift it’s to be able to catch the soul of the animals. A lot of people cried when they saw the portraits of their pets and this is one of the things that makes me really proud of my job.

Maybe Custom paintings won’t evoke emotion to everybody but, the person who ordered it will for sure feel something special about it.

Some will see in my paintings just animals but others will see their character, their expressions, their eyes, and to be honest for me this is enough to make me happy“.


Harlequin, Alice Fois

If you liked the story of Alice then don’t miss the next one about her work and her collaboration with Artupia! Alice has a lot to show you!

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