Have you ever seen Picasso, Haring, Lichtenstein, and Magritte’s styles in a single painting?

Last week we introduced you to Elena Galimberti, a Milanese painter easily recognizable by her colorful and really expressive artworks.
Today we’re going to talk about one specific painting she completed: Apples, oil on canvas which is part of a series Elena launched to reinterpret the talent of famous artists such as Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Magritte. The idea: paint an apple applying the style and characteristics of renowned artists creating contrast. Also, this painting is in line with Elena’s work about silhouette, a painting within a painting.


undefinedApples, Elena Galimberti


What is the story behind 4 Apples?

“I’ve always been inspired by artists like Pablo Picasso, Magritte, Matisse, Liechtenstein, Haring… like an homage to these artists, I decided to start from an apple (a fruit with a particular meaning) and paint inside of the fruit what I think these artists would have done. I tried to apply the style of each artist that inspires me. I like the idea that starting from a theme, artists express thousands of different things, it shows the power of imagination and how broad it is! In this artwork, Apples, I’ve been inspired by Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Magritte. Four styles really different from each other but where I see also a kind of harmony.”

undefinedHaring and Magritte

undefinedLichtenstein and Picasso


What we think in Artupia

“Keith Haring said: “Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic”. It is precisely the magic of which Haring speaks that I find in Elena’s works: she is able to transmit her emotions without needing to explain them, simply through her works and her incomparable style.

As in the largest collections of contemporary Art, like the Vogel couple, Apples unites four artists of the past, very different from each other, creating a balance difficult to explain.
We find the famous artist Pop Roy Lichtenstein next to the characters of Haring, to the Surrealist Magritte, with his dreamlike illusionism, and to one of the many portraits of women by Picasso, unexpectedly these four pictorial views blend perfectly with each other.

Without the slightest presumption, Elena underlines how a single subject, the apple, can have infinite facets, filtered through the styles mentioned by the artist. In every frame of this work, the artist has been able to arouse different emotions, thoughts, and sensations, recreating a bit of that “magic” so dear to Haring, able to reconcile man with the world around him.”

Irene, Artist Team


Artupia & Elena

Elena created her Artupia profile in May 2018. Her Original Paintings immediately stand out for their particular Pop style. During our collaboration with Walt Disney Studio for the film premiere of “Mary Poppins, the return”, Elena was selected to complete a Custom Painting: she depicted a very energetic artwork, Mary Poppins flying among dancers with the beautiful city of London in the background.

Her artwork took part in the #TakeMeHome campaign and prints were distributed for free in four Italian cities (Milan, Venice, Pisa, Rome). It was then exposed inside the Odeon cinema in Milan for the official film premiere.



During the Milan Design Week 2019, Elena’s work, and specifically two paintings from the apple series were selected to be exhibited on the Badari’s stand in the XLux Pavilion.

Elena’s talent is also appreciated overseas! In fact, the American blog MyModernMet wrote an article about Artupia and decided to point on a few of our artists, Elena included! International visibility for the artist!

Last but not least, Elena’s work has been selected by the Hotel chain, INNSIDE by Melia. The new hotel, opening soon in the center of Milan bought for interior design needs more than 100 paintings on Artupia around the theme “Milan City”.

Il 12


Il12 to remember the walks through the streets of Milan, Bici Sui Navigli to do a jump in the past, and Il 29/30 to describe a daily life moment near the Central Station. The hotel also asked Elena for four Custom Paintings about daily life moment.

Elena is still working on it but chose the following themes: the traffic, the rain, but also the charm and the history of Milan.


Explore Elena’s work


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