The eco-friendly artwork of Stefano Pallara #ArtistOfTheWeek

Stefano is originally from the South of Italy but has been living in London for decades now.

His work revolves around themes such as the definition of identity, introspection and freedom, merged into landscapes like the Mediterranean Sea and its dazzling light.

If you want to know more about his story, I Invite you to read our previous article.

When preparing this article, we asked Stefano:

“Is there any masterpiece you completed that has a special meaning for you?”.

His answer was yes: Small Town Boy Plotting

Small Town Boy Plotting

Small Town Boy plotting - Artupia

Small Town Boy Plotting is a painting made by Stefano Pallara. Details: mixed on wood, 42x52cm.

The story of this painting is directly linked to Stefano’s life and his moments of loneliness where he could fantasize about his future. 


Can you tell us more about the story beyond this painting?

Small Town Boy Plotting is a painting about my past, my youth. It’s about escapism and a larger than life juvenile desire for discovery, an impulse that haunted me in the years of my life before I moved abroad. It’s also about a melancholic sense of isolation and solitude often experienced when living in a small town.

The boy in the painting contemplates the horizon and daydreams about a different life in a distant place.

Small Town Boy Plotting - artupia

I was born and raised in a small town in southern Italy and was eager to discover the world. When I turned 21, I won a scholarship that gave me the opportunity to study in London. From that moment on, my life changed radically and forever.

The car in the picture is a Ford Escort, my first car. When I got my driving license, I used to like driving to remote places, towards the countryside or the seaside, and to then stop to contemplate the horizon and fantasize about my future.”

What we think in Artupia: 

“I love how Stefano’s paintings seem to be abstract at first glance, and it’s only when you take the time to give it a deeper look that you notice the figurative elements in the composition. 

Light, sky, and water seem to merge in a mesmerizing explosion of colors and textures giving a surreal depth to the painting. 
You can recognize Stefano’s style just by looking at a painting, like Mater Suspiriorum, where digital encounters traditional techniques creating a singular signature look and feel.

Small Town Boy Plotting gives room for many interpretations: is this boy alone in the endless desert facing a burning sky at sunset? Is he on the beach looking at the ocean on fire? Both might be true, maybe it is something else.
We will never know for sure what is this boy plotting around and this makes the painting even more interesting: it is a canvas, an open window for your mind to let your imagination flow.

This is what interests me the most in Art, not just to receive a message, but also being able to reflect and make it my own.” 

Thomas, designer at Artupia

Stefano & Artupia

Stefano created his Artist profile on Artupia in 2017 and immediately started to upload his beautiful colored paintings representing landscapes and imaginative rooms floating in space.

He told us about his life in East London, in this huge building: he talked about the ground floor where there was a large rubbish room and people throwing everything away.

Pills and Petals

Pills And Petals by Stefano Pallara

Every day he was annoyed to see the progressive pollution and waste of potentially reusable material. So he thought he’d get some of this material back. He started with the furniture (wardrobes, chairs, tables, mirrors, bookcases…). He brought them home, cleaned, repaired, painted and reused to furnish his apartment and his friends’ apartments. Then he started to find panels, frames, canvases, and a lot of paint for the walls… that’s how he started to introduce recycled materials in his paintings.

His first collection Colordive was inspired by his desire to protect the environment through the creative use of waste and potentially polluting materials.


Diving N°19Diving N°7Diving N°8


Mary Poppins' Night Wander

Mary Poppins’ Night Wander

Stefano was selected by Artupia to realize one of the Custom painting used to launch the Disney film “Mary Poppins The return”. His painting was also selected for the #TakeMeHome campaign and prints were distributed in four Italian cities; Milano, Venice, Pisa, Rome.

In January 2018 Lucky Red asked Artupia to create some Custom paintings for the launch of the new Van Gogh film “At Eternity’s Gate”. Lucky Red selected Stefano to create a work inspired by the scene of the film in which Van Gogh is walking through a wonderful field of lavender. Pallara’s work was exhibited in the Giulio Cesare cinema in Rome.


In June 2019 Stefano participated to our event #MakeArtNotPollution completing three Original paintings of cityscapes with colorful lyrical skies: the pieces of Art were made using recycled materials found in skips and bin stores; reused wooden panels and canvas, discarded wall paint leftovers, glitter recycled and paper cut-outs.

At the moment Stefano actively collaborates with Artupia uploading regularly his new pieces and creating customized works for companies and individuals.


Explore Stefano’s profile


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