At just 20 years old, the Artist of Avengers Endgame has realized one of his dreams.

One day a person told me, “When you do something, try to set the goals for yourself, but never forget your passions.”¬†Today’s artist has succeeded, following his reason but always staying true to his instinct, he’s managed to follow his path of study without abandoning his interests.

His name is Davide, he is 20 years old and has already accomplished one of his dreams.

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Davide Corigliano

He started drawing as a kid. He spent days drawing so much that his hands were always dirty with pen markings. Growing up, he began to move away from this world to concentrate on his studies, but his heart remained between memories of those sheets and coloring pencils.

The choice of high school was a great blow: he would have to decide between Art and science studies. With much remorse, he chose the scientific path and abandoned drawing. But one day, his Art professor gave him a box of watercolors…

What Art represent for you?

“Art for me is a gift, which was given to me by a very special person. When my Art teacher gave me a box of watercolors, he didn’t just give me a box of colours, he gave me the chance to admire the world and to amaze me in front of its beauty. There I rediscovered the pleasure of being emotionally moved and I began to really understand what Art was to me.”


“Art for me is a gift that has been given to me by a special person.”

Davide Corigliano

How has your Art career evolved?

“Over the years I have followed a rather particular artistic path; in high school, I studied mathematics and when I had free time I devoted myself to painting. I don’t call myself completely self-taught. Over the years, my professor guided me on a long journey and also helped me in my studies. In addition to this, during the last two years of high school, I had the opportunity to help two local Art conservators. They have taught me so much. There I learned how to get my hands dirty and not just my brush! While I was working with them, I was able to participate in the restoration of a Hayez. I still remember an afternoon when a truck came in. Seeing that painting gave me a very strong emotion.”

Cori giornata.jpg

Can you tell us a bit about your typical day?

“Today I continue my artistic and scientific studies in parallel. I study computer engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and in the meantime, I dedicate myself to acrylic painting. I’m looking for a personal way to combine Art and Science. One day I would like to have the opportunity to work in synchronisation with my two passions.¬†For the moment, thanks to Artupia, I was able to materialize one of my dreams: to exhibit my first painting! Seeing my painting exhibited at the preview of Avengers was a real satisfaction.”


Davide has always stood out for his realistic style and extreme attention to detail. The portrait of Charlize Theron is an example of this: made with a pencil on paper technique, it is characterized by very soft tones and extreme attention to precision and color definition. Another very significant painting by the artist is Una maschera tra le foglie. It is based on the idea that everyone has something special to tell, but you can’t always see it, as if you wanted to hide under a mask.


Charlize Theron


Una maschera tra le foglie

From the first day Davide joined Artupia we knew that there was something really special about him. He was immediately appreciated for his spontaneity and enthusiasm earning the affection of the public who began to appreciate his Original Paintings and asked him to make a handful of Custom Paintings, but we will talk about this in the next story… I advise you not to miss it!

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