Pop Art and Feelings: Discover Emiliano Cavalli #ArtistOfTheWeek

2020 has finally begun and we’re really excited! We couldn’t start the year without talking about one of our favorite and loyal artists: Emiliano Cavalli!

If you follow Artupia for a while then you know who I’m talking about, Emiliano has stood up since the beginning on Artupia thanks to his inimitable pop art style: colorful, dynamic, creative, his work is really appreciated by our users. Today, he’ll tell us a bit more about his story and what led him to where he is now.


Can you tell us a bit more about you and what make you start painting?

“My name is Emiliano and I’m Italian. It’s really hard to define what exactly made me start to paint. I don’t remember, I think I’ve painted and drawn my whole life. I do remember though this round table in my house. Just in front of the main door, always full of pencils, markers, and paper sheets. I remember sitting there, often with my mother, and spend hours drawing. She used to draw flowers while I was drawing a bit of everything. This table is kind of a witness of my evolution… from paper sheets when I was a little boy to bigger ones when I started Art school and interior architecture class.”



Many of our artists have been inspired by someone in their family or in their entourage. Is that the case for you too?

“Yes definitely. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by people who always believed in me and encouraged me. They taught me to appreciate Art, they immersed me into it since I’m very little. Maybe it was their plan, maybe they understood that I could feed on it. I would say that three persons, in particular, encouraged me: my uncle, passionate and Art collector, another uncle, gruff with everyone but me, and undeniably, my Grandmother, owner of an Art high school that, as a child, allowed me to attend modeling classes and spend afternoons reading Art books in the library of the institute.”



Is there any event that marked your artistic path?

“Well, I remember that I stopped painting for a while because of a criticism that judged my style “not exciting at all”, “flavorless”… this made me fall into a form of colors’ rejection for a while until I understood when growing up that you can’t like in a “universal way”, there are no rules about “what’s exciting or not”.

A few years later, I sold two paintings to Chris Martin, Coldplay’s singer, I still can’t believe it. But not only, I also completed a portrait for the Italian singer, Laura Pausini!”


Is there a particular event that influenced your artistic style?

“I don’t think there is a specific event, my style is influenced by my everyday life. Probably the economic crisis that Italy faced in 2010 pushed me to quit my job, sell my house, and move city to invest in myself and dedicate completely my time to Art.”


Artists always have their own definition of Art, what is yours?

“Mmh, Art is really hard to define. I’d like to say that for me, it is more a way to communicate, a way to make people smile, lighten them, move them, but at the same time to make them understand that colorful paintings can also hide much deeper meanings.

One of my characteristics is that I often use adhesive ribbons with the word “fragile” on it. For me, to declare our fragility is an act of love, a declaration to the world of how precious we can be despite our being imperfect.

undefinedSe Fossi Nata BiondaEmiliano Cavalli


Another characteristic is that I love drawing hearts! The heart for me is like a portrait, a container of what we have inside but also what we’d like to take out. I believe that when we are born, we are given two hearts, the first is anatomical, the second is emotional.

Our emotional heart is endowed with infinite space, but it is enclosed in a confined space; our body. Often when we happen to feel pain, joy, love it is because our emotional heart is making space, it changes shape, touches our edges, then settles down and allows us to breathe correctly again.”



Bang Bang


Anime Spaiate



“I like to photograph, draw and assemble it, in this way I simply try to make “space”, our heart hides and shows, but above all, it changes colors and shapes so fast that we can’t even imagine it.”

“Fragile is making yourself available for an embrace without considering the consequences.”

Art has no strict definition, my goal is to keep express my Art and color a very small part of the world in my own way.”

Emiliano is one of the very first artists on Artupia. Since the beginning, his work but also his personality made him a major artist, always ready to participate in new initiatives and projects. But this is something we’ll talk about next week!
Stay tuned 

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