From Ronaldo to Maggie Simpson: The Funniest Art Fails Ever

Preserving art is an art in itself, and many individuals (both artists and not) have taken it upon themselves to maintain the magic of the masterpiece over the years. Some have effortlessly restored famous frescoes, or majestic tapestries, maintaining the cultural importance of archaic pieces through the contemporary age. Others, however, have left artworks looking like a quarantine-hobby-gone-wrong, beautifully butchering years of artistic prowess in the process. 

We decided to take a look at the funniest art fails ever.

1. Ecce Homo (not so) Fresco

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Back in the pre-corona era of 2012, 81-year-old Cecilia Giménez decided to ‘restore’ a 1930 fresco of Jesus. Although her intentions were good, Giménez left Christ looking like a simian Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, wandering deep Siberia in an ushanka hat. Meanwhile, Giménez’s added support for Jesus DiCaprio comes in the form of a scroll, which unfortunately can’t be rolled closed.

2. Cristiano Ronald-lol

When Madeira airport was in the market for something to spruce up its interior, they opted for football (albeit incredibly boring) superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo. 


Unfortunately, artist Emanuel Santo’s rendition of the footballer left Ronaldo looking like he’d spent the past 36 hours tripping on acid in a forest (probably with simian Leo DiCaprio), and had finally been offered a drink of water he didn’t have to suck off a tree. Ronaldo was apparently content with this unhinged version of himself as, I guess, it was the first time he’d seen himself with a personality. 

3. The Virgin Mary and… Maggie Simpson?


When baby Jesus’ head was stolen in 2015 (we all have our vices) from a church in Ontario, local artist Heather Wise stepped up to restore it. Despite having no experience working in stone, Wise was guided by an unwavering passion for restoration and, possibly, The Simpsons

Wise opted for a terracotta base, which unfortunately began eroding in the rain, leaving Maggie Simpson / Christ looking a little thawed. Wise’s artwork caused such an outcry that the thief actually returned baby Jesus’ head… 

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