The unexpected journey of Terri Jones #ArtistOfTheWeek

You don’t always become an artist by accident. Sometimes we born with a passion and just can’t help but listen to it. Other times, however, it is our experiences, the people we meet and are surrounded by who make us aware of our particularities.

This is the case of Terri Jones, an artist from Wales who started to take her first steps in the world of Art thanks to her mother.

My mother is an artist and has always encouraged my creativity.

A completely unexpected journey, rich in changes, which led her to discover a new world where creativity has no limit. 

Terri Jones

Terri Jones is a contemporary artist, born and raised in Wales in the 80s. Since she was a child, she has been influenced by her mother, who as an artist, tried to give her all the tools to unleash her creative side.
Her creative path started with her passion for cartoons through puppetries theatre, making her own puppets. The thought of painting on canvas was already there but Terri was never satisfied by her work despite her efforts and natural skills.

Terri Jones.jpeg

Terri wanted to express herself simply in her own style, but it was as if she perceived a duty to respect rules. She wanted to be herself through Art, but she felt stuck.
Until one day…

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

“I went to college in Sussex, on the beautiful south coast of England. When I returned to Wales in 2005, I felt like I was missing the beach. I had kept some photos, but they didn’t do justice to the images I had in my head. So I bought my first blank canvas (a small 8×8) and painted one of my favorite beach views of Worthing Pier. There I realised that for me, paint was like therapy: painting the place where I had lived in the past two years made me relive moments there and brought me back to that beach, at sunset with my friends. From then on I started to paint more and sell my works. Irony of fate, the view of Worthing Pier is the first canvas I sold!”

Whiteford - Terri Jones.jpg

Whiteford Point Lighthouse

What was the turning point for you?

“I’ve been playing with acrylic painting for years, looking for my own style and technique. I must say that all in all I was satisfied with what I painted, but at the same time my work was always the result of a series of rules that had been imposed on me in college. I wanted to explore more, venture new shapes and colors, but would my Art be understood and appreciated anyway?

The turning point came with a photo of Helter Skelter. I had a crazy urge to paint it. I tried so hard but once again I couldn’t get the result I wanted.

At a certain point, I took some magazines and started to tear them apart trying to take the colored parts that interested me and started to glue them on canvas! All those colors were exactly the set I was looking for and suddenly I was fascinated by this new technique. I convinced myself to ignore these old rules, started to sew threads and beads on the canvas and experimenting with new effects with paint… it was so liberating!”

The modern artist is working and expressing an inner world.

Jackson Pollock

What are your main subjects and inspirations?

“My subjects vary, I like to change and face new challenges. My whole life, I had the habit of changing jobs without thinking too much about them and this has led me to do so many interesting things! Not so long ago, a friend told me that his wife had an old rocking horse and wanted to put it right.

Caernarfon Castle - Terri Jones.jpeg

Caernarfon Castle

Without too much hesitation I accepted! I have to admit that my husband was quite shocked when he saw me arriving with this huge rocking horse, but that’s another story! I also made a giant 6-foot papier-mâché dragon for a school where I worked and props for the “Glyndebourne Opera House” in Sussex. Not to mention the murals… In short, my experiences are very different from each other, but I’m happy so because changing allows me to experiment with novelties and always learn new things.”

Unfortunately, time is over for today, but stay tuned because Terri didn’t finish with her funny story, next week we’ll tell you how she came up with the artwork Flying High.

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