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Here we are again, my Christmas decorations are not even tidied back in my closet yet that I’m already seeing shops in the streets with red ribbons, cheesy messages, and heart balloons… You know what I’m talking about, Valentine’s Day is coming. Let’s be honest, two teams in the world fight every year when the 14th of February arrives: those who genuinely support Saint Valentine and those who are against it.

“Too commercial,” “it makes no sense,” “I don’t need a special day to tell my partner that I love him/her.” Of course, love should be demonstrated to our special one every day and not only on the 14th of February, but gifting something meaningful to that person might not be possible every day of the year (it wouldn’t make sense and would cost us a lot).

Ok, then what’s the balance? Maybe you could gift something meaningful and that last in time – on the 14th of February or not!

So whatever the team you’re part, forget about flowers, chocolate, printed pictures and so on, and be creative – love doesn’t really make you blind. To help you, here are five cheesy scenarios wrote with love (and a bit of sarcasm).


Scenario 1: You are single.

Please go directly to scenario 5.




Scenario 2: You’re in a long term relationship

A few days ago, I was looking for some funny search requests done by people over the internet when I found this one:

“What to gift to my partner who already has everything?”.

Let’s not discuss the notion of “already having everything,” but I thought that, in the end, being in a long term relationship means that you probably already ruined yourself on some gifts for occasions like birthday, graduation, Christmas, etc., and let’s be honest you’re running out of ideas too. 

So it’s time for you to make a move and gift something different, something that again will last in time and for sure surprise your special one. By offering a Custom Painting, you’re not only turning your partner into Art, but you’re sending the following message: “just like Art never dies, our love is forever” (cute right?!)




Scenario 3: You just got a new partner!

Well, that’s the moment for you to impress that girl/guy with a highly creative gift! Show them you’re not like anyone else; show them your artistic side by creating, for example, pop art or an interpreted portrait. We’ve plenty of talented artists who’ll turn your first memory picture into a fantastic handmade painting. First selfie? First weekend out of town? Make it unforgettable… you’ll be both so happy to look at it in a few years and think, “that’s how we started.”



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Scenario 4: You, or your partner, or both, are not photogenic.

Because not everyone is willing to hang their faces on the living room wall, we looked for new artists able to complete calligraphy paintings! 

Calligraphy paintings give you so many possibilities: you could write your names, the lyrics of your favorite song, the things that both of you love, or a special message for your partner.

The cool idea: design four little calligraphy Custom Paintings to create your Art wall!

How? Instead of uploading a picture in the app or on the website, simply sketch something on a paper, or write in the instructions box what you’d like.

The artist will do the rest.




Scenario 5: Love is great, but self-love is even better.

No need to have a partner in life to be fully happy! Have you ever gifted something to yourself? You should, you probably deserve it! Being in an environment that looks like you and makes you feel comfortable is as important as crossing the street when the light is green (and green only). There are many possibilities here again: a memory, a family or friends pictures, an autoportrait, calligraphies… but also Original Paintings, Art that will inspire you every day! 



Un Caffe’, Gerardo La Porta


Two Slice Pizza Pop Art, IanViggars


Blast, Evalyn Boyd Hines

In Artupia we believe that creativity and self-expression are some of the most beautiful ways to communicate with someone you love. You show that person a very special side of you, without being scared of judgment… and we like that! In 2019, you were more than 200 to request a Custom Painting to one of our artists, we thank you for your trust and send you lots of love

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