Trends We Love: Abstract Art

Abstract art is like a visual language without grammar; no rules, no mistakes, no need to think too much about it. Contrary to what the haughty gallerists or art aficionados tell you, abstract art is actually incredibly accessible and is the perfect starting point for any budding collectors.

Even if your home looks like an IKEA showroom or a bohemian rustic loft, abstract art promises to only add to your scandi-minimalist-haven or shabby-chic-jungle respectively. The chameleon of the art movements, abstract art has the unique ability to adapt to its surroundings and reflect every mood.

1. Forget everything you know

Stop scrolling through Pinterest, put down the Pantone colour samples and take a deep breath, because the key to abstract art is choosing with your heart and not your head.

We Recommend: You should choose your abstract painting because it pleases you, not because you read it’ll add cultural value to your room.


KP Abbott, Quad

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2. Use the colour theory


Eugene Lang, Spinner

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If you’re a Libra like me, and making a decision on your own induces palpitations and cold sweats, then try using the colour theory.

We Recommend: Make a list of all the colours in your room and choose a piece that has two or more of the same tones. This is a great way to complete a room in a more refined and cohesive way, without worrying about a clash of hues.

3. Size does matter


Dario Somigli, Voglia di Geometrie Basilari 1

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Although abstract pieces tend to make you think of a momentous Jackson Pollock drip painting, you should be careful if your apartment is on the smaller side. The great thing about abstract art is, however, it doesn’t need to be big to work.

We Recommend: The adaptability of the style allows it to be seamlessly paired with other pieces like minimal tableaux, photography or even a Custom Painting, to create a unique and elegant gallery wall. Of course, if you do have a substantial space to fill, then a large-scale abstract painting is the perfect pièce de résistance to add personality to your walls.

4. You don’t have to break the bank

A common misconception of art is its reputation for being a hefty investment. This, however, isn’t the case.

We Recommend: Start by browsing our selection! We offer dozens of affordable abstract paintings starting from just €40 which are designed to suit any budget!


Alexandra Romano, The Purple Planet

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5. Art is for everyone, but also everywhere


Diego Mariani, Mondi Comunicanti 

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Bedroom, living room, spiral staircase; these are the spaces more commonly considered as deserving of a powerful abstract piece. This, however, isn’t all.

We Recommend: If your bathroom, broom closet or shrine to your dog needs sprucing up, then nothing says ‘statement’ quite like an abstract painting!

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