Trends We Love: Body-Positive Artworks

With months of quarantine, no access to the gym and a few failed attempts at a Zoom workout, many of us aren’t feeling particularly ‘body positive’. Now, however, more than ever, is time to thank our bodies and appreciate this intricate, brawny vessel in all its fleshy, positive glory (a few kilos heavier or not). 

The human body has been depicted in art for centuries, due to its ability to better encompass our concept of identity in all its facets (Yves Klein even used the body as a paintbrush). So why not promote self-love through body-positive artworks, and inspire everyone who enters your home? Whether you’re a contemporary connoisseur or art amateur, we’re here to help you build your body positive collection! 

A touch of intimacy

Simply entitled, Female, Raquel Sanchez’s pastel piece delicately captures the soft contours of the female form. Her subject’s coiled body is emblematic of the unwavering gaze projected on the woman’s body daily, as her subject attempts to shield her nudity from the viewer. 

We Recommend:

Why not let this thought-provoking piece bring a sfumato quality to your interior? We suggest displaying it in one of your more intimate spaces, such as your bedroom, where it can complement the soft lines of your bed and pillows. 


Raquel Sanchez, Female

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Back to nature

Attracted SABINA LEGANARU,.jpg

Sabina Leganaru, Attracted

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Sabina Leganaru’s, Attracted is an earthy, expressionistic masterpiece that unifies the sinuous lines and sharp angles that make up the powerful, female body.  The use of oil paint allows Leganaru’s subject to melt into her surroundings, producing a cohesive and curvaceous painting. 

We Recommend:

These earthy hues would look great next to some rustic or vintage furniture, and, coupled with a few leafy succulents nearby, you stand to really bring out the deep olive greens in the painting. 

Pop art positivity

This body positive painting deserves pride of place given its vibrant and florid tones. If you’re looking to make a statement and add a touch of pop art fun to your interior, then this is the piece for you! 

We  Recommend:

Try hanging this quirky painting where you’d least expect it, such as your bathroom or guest bedroom, to remind your visitors that the human body truly is a work of art. 


Corrado Belluomo, Estasi

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The Double-Take

Look once, and then look again: nope, that’s not a painting but a single tulle ribbon folded on itself several times. This inspired piece took Francesco Signoretti around a month to complete, and is proof you can find art and inspiration everywhere. 

We Recommend:

Find a well-lit room for this alternative piece to really benefit from the way the ribbon catches and diffuses light, which leaves the piece dancing on your wall.

Donna Senza titolo, Francesco signoretti.jpg

Francesco Signoretti, Donna Senza Titolo

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Stained-Glass Ass

Lidi Dell arja.jpg

Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, Atleti a Riposo

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Like looking through a stained-glass window, Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli’s painting is a chromatic feast for the eyes. Mengoli’s expertise captures the heat of her subjects’ bodies despite her cool colour palette, leaving her viewers lost in those dynamic brushstrokes

We Recommend:

Giving this painting pride of place in an entrance hall or living room. Hanging a piece of this calibre above a central piece of furniture can completely transform a room, and its range of hues allows it to complement a variety of home decor styles. 

Minimalist Masterpiece

Andrea Solaja: la maestra of intoxicating depictions of the human body. Her enchanting, charcoal piece celebrates every curve, line and texture of the physical form; proving that all bodies are beautiful. 

We Recommend:

As a minimalist masterpiece of smaller scale, we recommend displaying Solaja’s piece with another artwork such as this charcoal creation or this beautiful sketch, in order to create a body-positive gallery wall!

Andrea Solaja riflessione.jpg

Andrea Solaja, Riflessione

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