Trends We Love: Bohemian Daydream

Boho is for the travellers, actors, readers, dreamers and writers, or quite simply for those hoping to spruce up their homes! The bohemian lifestyle is all about the moment, living in the present, and celebrating those fleeting sentiments that fill our days. 

So if you’re look to embrace the unconventional, keep reading!

The Bohemian Colour Wheel 


Goeun Seo, Inner Temptation 


Olga Bez, Piercing Gaze

When we think of bohemian, it’s warm earthy tones, Mediterranean olive greens and agrarian brown hues that come to mind. Since the boho-chic style is for the free-spirited dreamers of the world, rules are arbitrary, so fiery, saturated reds or palpitating blues are also welcome additions! 

We recommend: if you’re new to the bohemian life, try using the neutral rustic tones as a base for your boho interior. Perhaps opt for a statement olive green wall, and then layer up with some bold, floral paintings like Goeun Sun’s Inner Temptation. 

Forget the Rules 


Marco Sobrero, Angeli 


Soraya Pott, Frühlingserwachen


Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, Acqua Di Lago

First rule of bohemian interior design: there are no rules. In order to achieve a truly free-spirited interior, you need to embrace the random! This means, mix things up, play with texture, colour, size and subjects; the choice is yours!  

We recommend: Why not experiment with a gallery wall? The gallery wall is the perfect way to show every facet of your personality in a truly liberated and unrestricted way. Build it up, change it around and experiment; there is no wrong way to the gallery wall, but if you’re unsure still, check out our nifty guide. 

Tell a Story


Dragon Lekić, Plenty Li 


Simona Iamonte, I Hold You Like A Flower

At Artupia, it’s not only the paintings that are important, but also the story they tell. Simona Iamonte’s, I Hold You Like A Flower seeks to portray that fleeting, oftenoverlooked moment between lovers. The ethereal nature of Iamonte’s painting perfectly captures the importance of presence in bohemian lifestyle.

We recommend: complete your bohemian interior with objets d’art, and artefacts that tell your story. Whether it’s a Custom Painting of your favourite moment, exotic tapestries from your travels or a family heirloom; let the room tell your story! 

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