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Creating a gallery wall is a highly-effective and simple way to add personality to your space, and make a room reflect who you are. The beauty of a gallery wall is that there is no one way to curate it, because it is an extension of your vision, tastes and experiences, and should project your inner editorial eye out onto the world. 

Purchasing art and displaying it is a highly-personal and emotional process, and a gallery wall should reflect this. We understand, however, that staring at a blank wall with the prospect of filling it with an eclectic array of images that ‘speak to your soul’ can be intimidating. Additionally, the cost of art can also deter many, so we have also created an inspired selection of works under €50!

Fear not, we’re here to help guide you on how to create your perfect gallery wall, without it looking like a dodgy attempt at a scrapbook.

Variety is key


Marco Sobrero, Sera Ventosa Di Primavera In Una Grande Citta’


Amanda Burkovski, Portrait of Camille Claudel 

Although it’s tempting to try and organise your collection by colour or theme, there is a real catharsis in finding beauty in the chaos. Mixing up art styles, sizes, mediums and supports can create a visual feast for the eyes. 

We recommend: pick 1-3 statement pieces for your wall which you can build your gallery wall around. These can be large or small scale, vibrant pop art paintings or  more minimalistic canvases; they just need to feel at home in your space. Then, try experimenting with a variety of textures for your wall. Start by staggering a few of your favourite photos next to your statement pieces, and then play with levels and shapes. Contrast the modernity of the photos, and the expression of the artworks with both natural and man-made artefacts such as pressed flowers, hand-painted plates or rustic straw hats hung to the side. 

Get creative with your wall


Elena Genovese Sanchez, Ojas Tropicales 


Maria Assunta Mele, Rinascita 

It’s a common misconception that in order to create the perfect gallery wall you must have the perfect wall to display it on. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean you need to have a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park, as your Himalayan Persian cat rides your Roomba across all 3,000 square metres of your Manhattan suite. Your gallery wall can be built to suit any space.

We recommend: get creative with where you display your gallery wall; try creating a small-scale selection in a cosy corner, around your television, or even above the toilet! A gallery wall in a smaller apartment or in a more compact space can actually create a greater sense of depth to a room, since our eyes are drawn up to the walls and not the floor. It’s important, however, to be mindful of exposure to moisture, especially for Original Paintings. So before you start hammering hooks into the wall above the bog, make sure it’s a cloakroom with plenty of airflow! 

Sporadic or ordered?


Elena Giovannetti, Self-Portrait  


Simona Iamonte, Figure it Out

Do you secretly carry round a tape measure in your back pocket, ready to rectify any imbalances you encounter? Or are you more floordrobe than wardrobe? I’m certainly the latter (ask my mum). 

We recommend: Whatever your style, try to arrange your gallery wall accordingly. If you’re all for formal arrangements then work in a linear or grid pattern with a selection of similar-size artworks. You can filter artworks by shape and size on Artupia, so finding a selection to suit your desires is as easy as pie. You can even use your (clothes-free) floor to plan out how your gallery wall will look before it’s nailed on.
If you’re more like me, however (sorry mum), then try to go for the more informal approach. I still recommend picking a few statement pieces to work around (since even the most free-spirited artistes need an element of order), but when choosing your pieces let yourself be guided by your heart rather than your tape measure

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