Trends We Love: Gold

When we think of gold, it’s Egyptian Pharaohs, deities, precious metals and even the latest Macbook air that come to mind. To incorporate this ostentatious colour into your interior, however, your home doesn’t need to resemble an eighteenth century baroque abbey, a semi-detached filled with Ikea furniture will work too. 

We’re not saying you need to go full King Midas on your interior, but rather that a beautiful gold painting can instantly transform your space without overwhelming it.

50 Shades of Gold


Jelena Jovanovic, Golden Forest


Constantin Burdun, The Road to Mars

Gold isn’t just one opulent shade, it can be altered by modifying its chemical makeup, which makes adding gold to a minimalist or bohemian interior easier than you might have imagined. Since it’s a warm colour, it can not only be matched to the more moody, burgundy or purple colour schemes but also illuminate a monochromatic Scandinavian interior. In jewellery, the four most common types of gold alloy are white gold, yellow gold, green gold and rose gold, which are achieved by adjusting the amount of zinc, silver and copper. In art, however, the possibilities are endless and fear not, no prior goldsmith experience is necessary. 

We Recommend: If you’re new to the gold game, then why not display your gold artwork on a white or black wall? It’s not only a safer way to explore this hue, but it will also add instant class to your interior. We personally love pairing gold with rich, velvety colours like bourgogne reds, sacramento greens or aegean blues to add an instant air of extravagance to our flat-pack furniture. Top tip: when choosing your gold painting, keep in mind the hues that are already present in your interior, and look for similar shades in the artwork to maintain a sense of harmony.

Abstract or Representative?


Lorenzo Monegato, Golden Baby


Alessio La Rosa, Deserto

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a painting for your interior- it is entirely down to what you like. We do understand, however, that when faced with picking a piece of art for your interior (especially a gold one) the choice can be hard. 

We Recommend: If your interior is more minimalistic, with more emphasis on the space as a whole, then why not opt for a large, golden portrait like Lorenzo Monegato’s Golden Baby? This is a very affordable means of completely transforming your space, and we guarantee your guests will be mesmerised by this piece. If your interior is peppered with intricate details and heirlooms, then try a golden abstract painting for the walls. Abstraction is incredibly versatile, and the range of tone will be sure to complement all the finer details of your space.

A Room With a (Gold) View


Hiba Alsaadawai, Angels Dream


Elena Oslina, Image That Disappears

Gold will certainly add sophistication to any room which is why many of us think it should be reserved for only our classiest spaces, such as the master bedroom or entrance hall. This, however, isn’t the case. A gold painting in the bedroom or living room won’t necessarily turn it into a grand rococo palace, but rather render it even more cosy and intimate. Gold is a warm colour, remember, so it’s a sure fire way to add instant toasty vibes. 

We Recommend: If you do opt for the bedroom or living room, we suggest placing your gold painting above wooden furniture to not only compliment the velvety brown hues, but also add a delicate earthy ambiance to your space. We are big fans of displaying golden paintings in the kitchen and bathroom, as these rooms offer the most creative scope when it comes to interior design. If you’re looking for a complete revamp, then consider accentuating your gold painting with some vintage faucets of golden and copper shades, as this will really make your interior pop! 

Golden Selection!


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