Trends We Love: Minimalism

When we think of artworks, it’s large-scale abstract masterpieces, quirky pop art paintings or vintage sepia photography, not necessarily a subdued line drawing or monochromatic piece. Minimalist wall art is a trend that continues to thrive due to its incredible versatility and sophisticated Scandi-chic effect.  

I’m not saying that you’ll end up with a Nordic showroom if you opt for a minimalist masterpiece, rather that minimalism is a gateway to start building your art collection! 

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He’s how to add minimalism to your home…

Add an air of simplicity to your home

This painting was created to depict just that; the air. Artist Marco Sobrero sought to depict the purified air that came as a result of weeks of reduced air and road travel during lockdown, and how, despite the ongoing chaosthere are always moments of tranquility. 

We Recommend: The soothing, cool colours would make this the perfect addition to your favourite, zen space. Its subtle yet colourful palette means it can stand alone on a white wall and make an understated yet simultaneously powerful impact. 


Marco Sobrero, Brezza 

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Back to square one


Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, Geometrie

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Create some angles with this large-scale, one-metre-square minimalist masterpiece by Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, to create gentle contrasts and texture changes in your interior. Mengoli’s subtle contrast of hues means this is bound to make a sophisticated statement to your interior design. 

We recommend: Try pairing some other furniture or home accessories with similar hues on Mengoli’s painting. A dusty pink throw or burnt-orange trinkets will really bring this aesthetic together. 

Start your collection on the right foot


Andrea Solaja, Legs

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Ir Samoilina, Feet

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These small charcoal pieces are perfect for beginning your minimalist collection, as they add an instant statement to your room without being overbearing. The gentle sfumato nature, coupled with the taupe-toned, hazy-textured paper makes for a glorious rustic addition to your space.

We Recommend: Use these small pieces to build a gallery wall; the neutral tones and simple lines mean they can be easily paired with bolder pop art paintings or abstract compositions. If you’re enjoying these corporeal artworks then also check out another of our favourite trends: body-positive paintings. 

Sometimes it is just black and white

The colour-averse: this one’s for you. Black and white art is classic, sophisticated and stands the test of time, and, contrary to popular belief, there is nothing simple about it. A black and white minimalist painting instantly adds impact, whilst simultaneously providing some repose for the eyes. 

We recommend: Add your black and white painting to one of your smaller rooms where the stark contrasts will add depth and dimensions to more compact spaces. This will also allow you to explore various other textures in your room through alternative forms and interesting surfaces, without it straining your eyes.  


Greta Martino, Interference

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