Trends We Love: Monochrome Magic

A monochromatic interior doesn’t have to look like a tribute to James Bond’s sleek, secret service chamber, nor does it have to resemble a Scandinavian boutique. Monochromatic interiors offer a world more than one single shade. 

Monochrome, particularly black and white interiors, offer a myriad of creative possibility. Filling spaces with uniform furniture is relatively easy; it’s the décor and adornments that need more focus. When we think of art, we usually think of vibrant Pop art canvases or strange Dalìesque renditions, not minimalist and even monochromatic masterpieces. 

We’re here to guide you through transforming your home with monochrome art!

Choose your room

A monochrome interior guarantees harmony, which in turn creates a relaxing ambiance due to the easy, coherent transition between shades on the eye. A black and white painting is not only relaxing, but can also transform the perception of size in your room.

Dark, particularly large-scale paintings, are optimal for opening up rooms and creating the illusion of a bigger interior. For this reason we recommend the bedroom, as even with a floordrobe your space will remain an inviting, sleek space. 

We Recommend: In order to truly maintain this subtle contrast between hues, avoid stark contrasts when choosing a painting. Seek to achieve a more subtle gradient and go for a painting with deeper shades of grey, as it’s the delicate undertones that are the real game changers. 


Micol Viansino – Klizia

Break the rules


Andrea Baleri – Cavallo 


Michele Ronca – One Shot Li 

Monochrome enthusiasts will vehemently discount any tone that falls outside of an uninterrupted colour palette. However,the introduction of either a bright pop of colour or even a subtle neutral shade can completely transform a room, adding texture whilst maintaining a sense of cohesion. 

We Recommend: If you’re committed to black and white, then why not try a subtle streak of beige in your artwork like One Shot Li by Andrea Baleri or Cavallo by Michele Ronca. Or if you’re feeling particularly bold, then why not create a monochromatic gallery wall peppered with neutrally-toned works like these nature paintings. 

The perfect home office


Joanna Silva – Why Does it Always Rain on Me

Many of us around the world are still working from home, some even voluntarily, so why not turn your home office into a motivating space?

Environment plays a huge factor in our ability to focus. Plenty of light, a comfortable chair and steady flow of caffeine are working staples.

Wall art, however, isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when we think about cultivating the perfect work environment, but studies show that art is good for your brain!

We recommend: Adorn your walls with a monochromatic abstract masterpiece, as abstract art stimulates cognitive function whilst the monochrome tone of the piece will minimise distraction; a win-win! 

Monochrome Magic Selection!


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