Trends We Love: Nature Paintings

Home décor serves not only to display your tastes, personality or all the alpaca rugs you bought during that life-changing gap year in Peru; it can whisk you away on a trip through space and time. During these past few months of staring at the walls of our interiors, I’m sure we have all learnt one thing; nature is underrated. There is a reason hipster millennials have cheese plants and succulents sprouting out of every crevice in their homes, rearing their thirsty heads at every corner (like your exes in your DMs during those dry quarantine months); plants are great.

If you’re like me, however, and everything you touch either dies or cries, then maybe opt for a plant you don’t need to care for, but from which you can still reap all the rewards. 

Here’s how to transform your interior into a botanist’s fantasy.

Leafy Love Affair

There’s nothing quite like watching leaves dance on a tree on a lethargic summer’s day, listening as the wind whistles through the branches like a natural orchestra and smelling the heat of the sun radiating off every surface. Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli is a maestra when it comes to igniting the senses, capturing the most ephemeral, and yet precious moments in a perfect, abstract masterpiece.

We Recommend: Display this medium-scale painting in a smaller room; the darker hues will instantly add depth to your space!


 Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, Foglie al Vento

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Fauvist Foliage


That Ray of Sunshine is Too Far from Me, Simona Iamonte 

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Simona Iamonte’s Fauvist paradise transports you through time, back to a bucolic, preraphaelite dream on canvas. Iamonte’s painting captures that incredible connection between humanity and the natural world, and our innate desire and need to get out and smell the roses. 

We recommend: this is a smaller-scale work, so why not build yourself a gallery wall of nature-inspired paintings, photos and drawings? The vibrant tonality of the work means you can pair it with both more subdued minimalist masterpieces, and bold pop art paintings to create an eclectic tribute to mother nature.

 Coastal Cool

When describing her painting, artist Maya Noriega reminisces how her work is inspired by her father’s ‘little house in Spain where everything is made of beauty, happiness and colours.’ The plants give way to the ocean, and the ocean gives way to the myriad of shades that reflect off its surface like a stained-glass window. 

We Recommend: we love the relaxed tropical vibes that radiate off this piece, so we recommend framing this piece in a room that also incorporates these blue and sandy hues (like your bathroom) to really pay homage to the sea.


Maya Noriega, Vacance au bord de la mer

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Mountain Masterpiece


Dragana Lekić, Piedmont

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Inspired by the enchanting Piedmontese mountains, this rosy, abstract painting is layered with expression and depth. Lekić’s mountains appear simultaneously tranquil and imposing, where their ambiguity could also be interpreted as rippling waves of the ocean, or rolling dunes in the desert.

We Recommend: Given the hypnotic nature of this painting, we suggest you place it in a room for reflection, such as your bedroom or study, so you can contemplate its subject and let it whisk you far, far away from your worries. 


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