Trends We Love: Optical Illusions

Our eyes are our windows to the ‘truth’, yet we forget how these windows are actually only reinterpreting a reality, and imagination can easily fog up these apertures into the soul. Whether you’re a free-spirited daydreamer or control-freak, the boundary between real and imagined changes more frequently than immigration reform in the US, where even the slightest doubt creates illusion.

The highly-visual nature of ‘truth’ means artists have a Daliesque free pass to manipulate our sense of reality, forcing our brains to reconstruct a sense of logic amidst the chaos. Optical Illusions are the union of mathematics and art, where endless combinations of geometry allowed for artists to experiment with hypnotising their viewers.

Colour is the new neutral


Itala Gasparini, Interferenze 


Mirko Ottolina, Fragmented Fruits 

Say goodbye to safe beiges and dependable white hues, because rumour has it that saturated tones and warm colours are in. Pops of colour in rooms are the latest trend, as interiors become increasingly personalised and vibrant to reflect the shades of our personalities. 

We Recommend: Try opting for an artwork with fewer, high-contrasting colours. Paintings like Mirko Ottolina’s Fragmented Fruits or Itala Gasparini’s Interferenze will brighten any room without over-complicating it. The range of warm and cool hues allows these intricate works to be easily worked into the rest of your interior, whether it’s predominantly neutral, cool or warm! 

Create depth in small spaces


Omaima El Amrani, Water Vortex 


Itala Gasparini, Verso Nuove Dimensioni 

The humble vortex, an aesthetically pleasing form that appears to have no end, is a powerful way for compensating for smaller spaces. The infinite spiral can easily add depth to a limited space due to the way in which it tricks the brain. The vortex is so powerful in its ability to manipulate our sense of perception, because it creates a sense of motion. The brain is deceived due to an overload of information which leaves the visual cortex confused, inducing rapid movements in the eye. 

We Recommend: Place a painting featuring a vortex in a small room or corridor for an instant addition of depth, as your eyes will be left swimming in a whirlpool of illusion. It’s probably important not to hang your vortex in the stairwell, as we wouldn’t want any brain tricks while you’re navigating the stairs! 

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser


Jonathan Mcafee, Splash


Lorenzo Monegato, Queen Metropolis 

Optical illusions are the social butterflies of the artworld due to their highly accessible nature. Old, young, art-lover or gallery-hater; it’s impossible not to find yourself entranced by the science of mirages.

We Recommend: If you’re new to optical illusions or want a slightly more diluted version of this dizzy trend, then try a recognisable subject like a portrait. The familiarity of the face will be easier on the eye and Jonathan Mcaffee’s piece in particular will add instant Jenny Saville vibes to any interior!

Optical Illusions Selection!


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