Trends We Love: Orange

As October swiftly rolls on, leaves continue to turn a familiar russet brown before letting go of the stems that carried them through spring and summer, returning to Mother Earth’s fertile soil. Autumn isn’t only about decaying vegetation however, it’s also a nuovo inizio, a new school year and a new equinox.

For many across the Northern Hemisphere, the true indicator of autumn is the arrival of the colour orange. Pumpkins, trees, early sunsets and squashes inspire not only Instagram feeds, but artists and designers alike. The love child of red and yellow, orange is the perfect mix of passion and optimism, making it a stimulating and positive addition to any interior.

A touch of orange


Maya Noriega, Guethary


Georgiana Mihai, Abstract Beach

New to the titian trend? Not sure it’s for you? No problem! The great thing about opting for an orange artwork is it’s the perfect way to add a subtle touch of this fiery hue to your interior without overwhelming it.

We Recommend: choose an artwork that integrates other colours into the mix, like this playful contrast by Maya Noreiga, or this fun pop of colour achieved by Georgiana Mihai.

Go light to create space


Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli- i Luoghi Dell’Uomo N18


Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli, Nero e Arancio Luce N5

A lighter orange which incorporates traces of white or diluted yellows is a great addition for a smaller, more constricted space. A gentle contrast between light and dark hues or a sfumato-style gradient is a very effective way of creating the illusion of depth in a room. 

We Recommend: these works by Lidia Dell’Ajra Mengoli are a perfect way to enlarge a smaller room, due not only to their play with a gentle orange gradient, but also their treatment of perspective. The cityscape immediately draws the eye in, getting lost amongst the concrete jungle of line and rufous tones, whilst the placement of line in Nero e Arancio Luce N.5 sucks viewers into an endless optical feast.

The nature of design 


Francesco Senise, Barca Riflessa


Francesco Senise, Il Viale Dei Ricordi

Since the inspiration for this colour comes from nature, why not bring the great outdoors in? Utilising the warmth of orange with depictions of nature is an accessible and effective way to incorporate this energising colour into your home.

We Recommend: Francesco Senises’ paintings not only celebrate the vibrancy and modernity of this colour but simultaneously hark back to more traditional painting methods and subjects. Senises’ paintings bring to mind bold, fauvist techniques, while the delicacy of his subject matter transport us back through time to the great Impressionists and their penchant for painting en plein air.  

Our Orange Collection


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