Trends We Love: Paintings Under €50

When making a house a home, or an office a motivational haven, nothing quite finishes a space like a piece of art. Art has been proven to make you more intelligent, whilst simultaneously relaxing our overworked neurons. 

The art market, however, has long been associated with high-profile auctions, intimidating galleries or price tags beyond imagination. This, however, isn’t the case. Artupia offers a range of completely original art by emerging artists for under 50€…

Check out these paintings that promise not to break the bank!

A room with a (sea)view

In Antiquity, the sea was emblematic of wealth and success, depicted through not only realistic means but also via mythological stories. Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus continues to inspire contemporary artists today, and representations of Poseidon and aquatic life were a frequent sight in 20th century art. 

We Recommend: Given the subdued colour palette and small size of Maria Assunta Mele’s painting, we suggest using it to build up for gallery wall, or displaying it in a minimal kitchen space or a cool, cerulean bathroom.


Maria Asunta Mele, Rinascita 

Energize your space


Stefania Monterubbianesi, Energy and Contrast

Artist, Stefania Monterubbianesi, wanted to convey the various process and energies experienced by the human body, and that despite its strength, it’s vital to protect our delicate organisms. 

We recommend: given the warm hues, why not place this piece in a boho-themed room? We envision crochet blankets, rattan furniture and an array of thirsty succulents dotted in every corner. 

Throw some shapes

Marta Antunes’ geometric, abstract masterpiece perfectly explores the interplay of line, shape and colour, making it the perfect starting point for any budding collector! Abstract artworks provide a deeply reflective space, where your guests and viewers can both exercise and relax their minds. 

We recommend: Since Antunes’ artwork has a unique, squared shape, why not place it in a more intimate corner or your house or office? A cosy reading nook, a well-lit corridor or above your favourite mantlepiece, adorned with scented candles and delicate foliage to ignite all the senses. 


Marta Antunes, Into The Sun

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