Trends We Love: Pink

When we think of pink it’s not autumn that comes to mind, but (stereotypically) girls’ bedrooms, the millennial shade that defined a generation and micro-pigs (which also defined a generation). This rosy shade, however, is very much for the boys and the girls and continues to be a popular choice amongst the home decor crowd. 

The colour has been on a roller-coaster of transformation, ever since Rose Quartz was named the Pantone Colour of the Year. Its versatility and tranquillity make it the perfect addition to your home (and once again, office, gym, bar etc). 

Here’s how to think pink with art. 

Bring The Outside In


Stefano Pallara, For Every End a New Beginning

Pink is peppered across the natural world, from flamingo feathers to melting sunsets. Incorporating an artwork like Stefano Pallara’s For Every End a New Beginning, adds an instant earthy vibe to your space, due to its play on soft walnut tones, deep reds and pastel pinks. 


We Recommend: Display your painting in a room where you also have other natural elements, such as plants, wooden furniture, or wicker accessories. This will really accentuate the tones in Pallara’s piece and bring the painting to life.

Minimalism + Pink = Perfect Match

Millennial pink might have defined a generation, but when it comes to decor, minimalism leads the way. If you’re not looking for an adventurous, pink artwork for your interior, then try one of these understated pieces, like Alessio Tonato’s All the Stars, Collide into a Single Ray. 


Alessio Tonato, All the Starts Collide into a Single Ray

We Recommend: given its blush, Boho tones and range of pastel colours, why not build a gallery wall around your piece and make the most of the varying shades. Check out our useful guide on starting a gallery wall here. 

Pair Pink with Patterns


Alexandra Romano, The Purple Planet

Pink isn’t just about candyfloss and unicorns, but it’s also a way to celebrate mid-century decor by pairing it with mahogany furniture, golden fixings and geometric patterns. 

We Recommend: If you’re looking for real impact, display you’re patterned, pink masterpiece in your living room or dining space, surrounded by vibrant throws and a variety of textual surfaces. 

Pink Selection


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