Stuck in a bunker during the war, discover the story of this painting #ArtistOfTheWeek

Andrea Solaja is a narrative artist, living in Trieste but originally from Serbia. Her style is realistic, using mainly dark colors. Painting is her way to communicate and express her feelings. Andrea and each of her paintings have a story that won’t leave you feeling flat.

If you want to know more about Andrea and her story, I invite you to read the previous article about her life.

Today we’ll speak about one of her masterpieces: When the night comes | One light, One soul. A painting that has a real story and and truly reflects something that Artupia believes in: sometimes the story behind the paint and canvas is even more powerful than the visual experience.

When the night comes | One light, One soul


‘’When the night comes | One light, One soul’’ is a painting made by Andrea Solaja. Details: oil on canvas, 60x80cm.

The story of this painting is directly linked to Andrea’s life. In fact, this masterpiece retraces a particular episode in Andrea’s life: the war in Serbia.

Can you tell us more about the story beyond this painting?

“Close your eyes and imagine that you’re 10 again. You’re stuck in a bunker with a candle as your only source of light. Outside, the thunder of bombing attacks. People’s faces are visible only through that fragile flame. The fear makes you feel powerless, defenceless… and the only thing you really need is a reassuring embrace.


I used somber colors to illustrate the darkness of this bunker, whilst strong colors represent the sweetness of youthful, intangible textile like the tulle which personifies the delicacy of something that could be destroyed in a glitch.”

What we think in Artupia: 

“I remember it as if it was yesterday, the day we discovered the meaning of this painting during one of our meetings. Some of us had already tried to interpret it: some thought it was a dancer or a bride, and some thought it was a hug, but it was still a long way from the true story, the real meaning of this painting. It’s not a hug, it’s an experience, a fear, a heavy memory.

We should have immortalized our faces when the truth was revealed: the reaction of amazement that we had printed on our faces was impressive. First, we stayed quiet. Then it made sense and it was like discovering the painting again. Strange but we felt kind of attached to that painting. But it is not the only thing that has changed in us, today that painting makes us think back to that moment when we were all quiet, astonished; Art is one of the rare things that provoke in people a real and sincere emotion.”



Andrea & Artupia


Study 1

Four Seasons



Andrea joined Artupia in September 2018 and received immediate recognition and praise due to her realistic style and the moving stories behind her pieces like When night comes or Invasione.

Andrea is a very important artist for us and someone we value incredibly, especially because she really was one of the first artists who joined Artupia. With her support and undeniable talent, Artupia was able to experiment with creating custom paintings for private clients and even for corporate companies! When The Walt Disney Company requested 30 custom paintings for the launch of their film The Return of Mary Poppins, we hand-selected a few special artists for the job, including Andrea. She played an important role in creating one of the most elaborate paintings Everything is possible, even the impossible, and was also personally selected by Disney to paint the film’s poster.



Mary Poppins, the return – commissioned by Disney
Everything is possible, even the impossible – commissioned by Disney



Her first painting was selected by Disney to be printed together with 9 other custom artworks that were then distributed on the streets of Milan, Rome, Venice and Pisa as part of a huge social media campaign: #TakeMeHome. The #TakeMeHome campaign’s video was then used to promote the launch of the film Mary Poppins – The Return.


Andrea and all of the other artists who worked on the custom project were then invited to the films preview in Milan, hosted at the Odeon Cinema.

Last but not least, during the Salone del Mobile 2019, Artupia collaborated with Badari, a Florence based luxury company that specializes in antique furniture; they decided to expose When the night comes | One light, one soul.

Andrea is actively contributing to Artupia’s growth, not only by sharing her personal outstanding work but also by transforming our users precious memories into custom and one of a kind paintings!


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