Why Art is the Perfect Gift for Employees

What is a company without its employees? A car without an engine? A millennial without avocado? An artist without a canvas? No matter if you lead a team of three, or a team of three thousand, employees are an invaluable cog in the well-oiled corporate machine. 

These cogs, therefore, deserve the best: a thoughtful gift that recognises the person behind the payslip. This year, workers will have had to make unprecedented levels of adjustment in their lives, learning not only to navigate the world of work from their homes, but simultaneously teach their children, juggle the anxiety of a worldwide pandemic, and bid farewell to much-needed social contact.

Art, however, satisfies that longing to feel connected at a safe distance. 

1. It’s personal 

Don’t underestimate the power in personalisation; employees will always appreciate a personal gesture that shows you care. Achieving a professional level of ‘personal’ can be hard, which is why art is a powerful compromise.

A cultural gift such as a painting is a truly unique way to thank workers this Christmas, as it says a lot, without saying too much. Paintings are subjective yet open, ready to absorb interpretations from their viewers, making them a fail-safe gift. 

faith ringwald.jpg

Discover Amanda Burkovski on Artupia

If selecting an artwork feels too overwhelming, Artupia can provide companies with a selection of artworks that fits their corporate vision. Alternatively, Artupia’s Custom Painting service also allows businesses to commission artists to create personalised artworks, using photos, ideas, company logos and colours to create the perfect addition to employees’ home offices. 

For more information, get in touch here. 

2. It’s useful 


Discover Emiliano Cavalli on Artupia

A pair of socks, a novelty apron or some candy floss-scented bubble bath for your non-existent bath; been there, done that. Receiving a thoughtless gift is one thing, but a useless one is worse.

Homes have provided the corporate world with not only a means to continue, but have also given their employees a place to work, exercise, sleep, eat, drink and wash at a safe distance. These homes deserve to be thanked, because, if walls could talk, they’d certainly have a lot to say.

Art is an inexpensive and effective way to revamp an interior, brightening up a room and even bringing decor together. It’s also good for you, and various studies have proven art’s positive role in increasing levels of productivity and appeasing anxious minds (a must-have during this year!). 

3. It supports artists 

Many businesses this year have fallen victim to the merciless effect of the pandemic, forcing them to close their doors once and for all. Amongst the struggling sectors, artists have been hit particularly hard, in an already unstable sphere, forcing many cultural institutions to shut down.

All the artists represented on the Artupia platform are emerging in their careers, with our sole goal being to provide creatives with the much-needed space and airtime they deserve.  

Visual 3.jpg

Discover Mario Fontana on Artupia

With employees working from home, shipping costs and times can appear daunting, but with services like Artupia, all the logistics and delivery are taken care of. Consultations, collection guides, artwork inquiry and personalised selections form part of our service, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch here: [email protected]


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