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At Artupia, we help companies to express their identity and bring singularity to their offices and venues. We want our partners to experience a novel side of Art, one that is accessible, innovative and exciting. Together with our Army of Artists, we provide companies with high-quality Original Paintings, or create unique Custom Paintings on demand.



Whether they are original or customised, our paintings are one of a kind. Express your company’s values and enhance your brand image by selecting paintings from our curated collection for your offices or public venues.


Artupia will assist you all along with your project, from the paintings' selection to the installation in your offices or venues. Enjoy the creativity and reactivity of our Art specialists.

Competitive prices

Artupia aims to revolutionise the traditional Art market by democratising its access to people, creating a society where everyone can enjoy contemporary Art. We offer scalable payment systems, find out more about our Buy Art, Rent Art, or Art Subscription services.

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