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Art makes a statement about a company’s values. A thoughtfully selected collection can reveal a company’s history and emulates its character, style and spirit to employees, clients and partners.

Paintings from different parts of the world can reflect international-influence whilst showcasing local artists work demonstrates an advocate for community. In any area of the workplace, a carefully selected piece of art can embody and reinforce company brand values, sending a clear yet subtle message to any viewer.

Why choose Artupia?

Bring personality into the workplace

All paintings on Artupia are original and one of a kind. Choose from thousands of ready to buy artworks or, choose our customisation option to design your own masterpiece with the support of our creative team.

Be a community advocate

Support local artists and strengthen your community ties by showcasing paintings that have beautiful stories behind them from real and everyday people.

Give an unforgettable gift

Make a lasting impression with VIP clients and partners by gifting unique paintings that are incredibly thoughtful. Going one step beyond in business relationships can change everything!

Art therapy

As scientific research has proven, art has a therapeutic effect on the mind. Find paintings that have the following impacts on your employees: promote productivity, inspire creativity and relieve stress.

Pay for exactly what you’re getting

To support our goal in making art more accessible to everyday people, we’ve formulated a transparent and honest algorithm for evaluating and pricing artwork.

Stand out at events

We can organise artists at corporate events who paint in real time and even in theme of your soiree for an unforgettable experience!

Artupia is trusted by

Our products: Ready to Buy or Custom

With Artupia’s platform, you have the option to explore thousands of pre-existing original paintings or, collaborate with our team to create your own custom design!

Ready to buy

Our community of talented artists are constantly creating and uploading their work for sale on a daily basis. Find the painting that best fits your needs using search criterium like: colour palettes, themes, moods, landscapes, abstract, canvas size, your price budget, etc.


Have something specific in mind or want to give a truly special gift to a VIP client or partner? Throwing a grand company event and want a show-stopping painting to wow your guests? Customise your own painting with the support of our creative consultancy. With your artistic idea in mind, explore our community of artists to choose a particular style you like or, you can even show us a picture that you want replicated into a painting. Alternatively, have a chat with our team if you’re in need of guidance and we’ll be sure to turn your vision into a reality.


Creative Consultancy

For custom paintings, we’ll find the best-fit artist for the project and do all the ground work to make your vision a reality so, you can sit back and relax and wait for the final product!


Companies can rent paintings at weekly or monthly fees for: hotel rooms, conferences, fairs, expositions, special events, design/furniture showrooms, etc. If one of your customers is interested in purchasing a painting, your company can make up to 50% commission in the sale!


Partner with us for special events and we can supply you with paintings for decor or, a stand-out piece for that perfect instagram shot! To really impress your guests, we can also organise live painting shows at your event with our local artists; a real show-stopper for anyone passing by!

Safe Purchase

Companies have the exclusive offer of initially paying 30% of their purchase and the remaining 70% once the shipment arrives directly to their door. We offer a multitude of online payment options: PayPal, direct wire transfer and all major credit/debit cards. In order to protect your transaction, Artupia manages the entire payment process internally by organising the fee owed to the artist to ensure your art is delivered without delays.


We organise the entire shipping and handling process to ensure your painting is safely delivered from the Artist’s studio directly to your doorstep. All paintings are covered with 100% insurance in the case of mishandling or damage. *Framing options are available pre-delivery.


90% refund available if you are not satisfied with the final result of your custom painting. The remaining 10% is compensation that will directly go back to the artist for their time and use of materials. However we are very proud to say that up to date, Artupia has 100% customer satisfaction rate for custom projects!

We’re extremely passionate about innovation and technology

Combining a passion for tech with an admiration for evocative art, our team of trailblazers has brought to life a new virtual community for both artists and art-lovers; affordable, inclusive and intuitive.

Artupia Prices

We value integrity above all and that’s why our transparent pricing algorithm was developed to evaluate the art. Using factors like materials used, time spent by the artist, painting technique and demand of the painting on our platform, our algorithm concludes a final price.

Machine Learning and AI

More than just an art platform, we are constantly developing new technologies. That’s why our innovative team of developers have created one of our most valuable tools - a machine learning algorithm. The algorithm guarantees transparent prices as it evaluates all artwork based on objective criterium. Beyond this, our insightful technology is able to learn about individual users on a deeper level, based off their interactions on Artupia it can recommend additional paintings or artists that the user was not aware of.

Augmented Reality

To really engage with our users and in pursuit of providing them with transparency, we’ve created an authentic AR experience! Using the AR feature on mobile app, users have the ability to test multiple paintings on the wall of their choice and compare artworks side by side until they the perfect fit. Users can get up close and personal with the art to admire all of the details as the screen moves in real time and magnifies the painting the closer the smartphone approaches.

Collaborations with partners

The Walt Disney Company

In 2018, Artupia helped promote the launch of Disney's movie “The Return of Mary Poppins.” We personally handpicked a group of 20 incredible artists to create custom paintings in line with the clients theme and vision. 20 custom paintings were then showcased at PR events and at the film premieres in Italy.

SDA Bocconi

In the spring of 2019, Artupia had the pleasure of partnering with Bocconi University at their annual regatta in Lerici, Italy. During the weekend event, we supplied artwork for various dinner events, created an AR experience stand for guests and hosted a live painting show focused around a drone we launched into Castello di Lerici’s surroundings. Two Artupia artists were set up at the event and asked to replicate one of the drone’s photographs into a custom painting in their own interpreted style and the final products were put on sale during the final gala dinner. Last but not least, Artupia was asked to create a custom painting in a nautical theme that was then awarded to the first place winner of the sailing competition!

Boom imagestudio

This year we partnered with BOOM imagestudio to launch an environmental awareness event as this is a topic that Artupia feels very strongly about and wants to combat. We chose one of our artists to create a large installation in theme with the global issue, hosted an evocative event at our HQ, organised live painting shows around environmental causes and had artists create art out of recyclable goods like plastic bottles and newspapers!

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