Welcome to the 1st edition of the “Artupia Contest”.

The Artupia Contest is a competition organized to allow emerging artists to express, through their technique and style, their message and vision of characters, themes and events of our contemporary era. Through the works of our artists, we would like to give to the contemporary art a new channel of communication extremely actual to make it more and more able to excite, inform and reflect.

"Humanity on Mars"

The Project of Elon Musk


For our first contest, we have chosen the project to bring humanity to Mars of one of the most influential people in the world who has reached the twenty-first position in the ranking of the most powerful people on the planet: we are talking about Elon Musk.



Suggested support: Canvas

Minimum measures: 500.00 X 500.00 mm

Maximum measures: 1000.00 X 1000.00 mm

We will personally transmit the winning work to Elon Musk with the request to bring not only humanity but also art on Mars. This is why the work can portray any idea that represents Mars.
For example, it could depict the planet Mars, the spacecraft that reach it, the astronauts that land on it or a colony of humans on the surface of the red planet.
Please contact us for further specifications or more information, we are happy to help you and explain everything further.



The contest is free to join and the winner will be the artist who will have the work most appreciated by Artupia users at the end of the contest. The artist will receive a prize of 1000 $ and the artwork will be sent to Elon Musk in person! We would like to write to him: "Elon, you want to bring humanity to Mars and we would like to bring art everywhere, on Mars too!”.


Application deadline: 17 January 2018

Contest start date: 17 January 2018

Contest end date: 14 February 2018

The contest is free and the artists can confirm their participation in the contest until 17/01/18 and they can insert the work from the start date until the contest end date. Consider putting the work as soon as possible gives you a better chance of receiving a high appreciation.


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