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Art is not solely about van Gogh, Monet and Picasso. Art is about seeing your own experiences reflected in a piece and feeling real emotions inside of you awaken

Alberto Lina, Artupia CEO

Let your creativity shine!

Artupia gives you the opportunity to express your creativity! On our mobile application, you can create a unique and original painting by uploading a photograph or a drawing to replicate or, even by sharing a simple artistic idea with our team which we can turn into reality.

We believe that art has to be felt first, that art has the power to express, share and connect ideas.

We believe that the perfect painting is something you instantly appreciate and feel a parallel connection with.

We believe people can have a deep connection to a piece of art and that sometimes, art really can change our lives.

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Why customize an artwork?

A custom painting is the perfect way to celebrate a special moment, to gift your friends or family with an unforgettable gift and to create something very personal for yourself that reminds you of values or important goals you want to achieve.

Take the leap and let your creativity shine! Choose the theme, colour palettes, dimensions of the canvas and even the Artupia artist you'd like to create your personal painting.

How to get started?

Creating your custom artwork with Artupia is actually really simple! All you have to do is download our mobile application or contact us and our team and we'll take care of the entire creative process.

We listen to your needs, consult on ideas and guarantee finding the best artist for your project according to your taste and style! You have full creative autonomy but our team will support you in each step of the process.

The process

Your custom painting will be ready to hang as soon as it's delivered! Remember, this painting is a very special piece that represents your memories, emotions and values. Hang it proudly and share its amazing story with your friends and family!


Choose the subject of your painting. Whether it's a direct photograph, a drawing or even an inspirational idea. Our team is always available to help you brainstorm and will then analyse your criteria to create a list of best-fit suggested artists.


Once your project outline is defined, we'll contact the artist of your choosing and take care of the entire creative process to ensure all your requirements are met and your vision is brought to life. Our service is stress-free so sit back and relax as we'll send regular updates on the status of your painting.


Artupia organizes the entire shipping and payment process for your custom painting. Choose your delivery date, packaging preferences and any framing services you might be in need of.

Refund policy: We’ll refund you 90% if you’re not satisfied with the final result of the custom painting. The remaining 10% is compensation that will go directly back to the artist for their time and use of materials. However we are very proud to say that up to date, Artupia has 100% customer satisfaction rate for custom projects!

Success stories

Artupia is about empowering people to find art that inspires self-reflection or to create their own experience with our custom services!

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