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We sell Art.
But our price is set by demand.

Driven by demand

Artupia's price is not based on one person’s opinion.

The art has the capacity to appreciate with added interest.

The more people likes, collects, purchase, views and share the art the more the price grows in real time.

Please note: all the values are examples

Art for you.

More coming!


With Artupia, you can discover new artwork from across the globe quickly through our categories.

As a borderless network of artists and buyers, we allow you to find artwork that fits your feelings and your passions regardless of place.

Collect your favorites

You can create your own gallery of artworks to choose from by selecting them as you browse. The more you collect, the more your collection will reflect your tastes.

Click on the to like and add a piece of art to your collection.

Augmented reality

Our art is not intended for a screen or a pristine gallery. The Artupia app uses the Augmented Reality feature to offer you the possibility to visualize our works in your home so you can try them before your purchase. As an art gallery in your pocket, the app will show you how our works appear hanging on the wall in front of you, with realistic sizes and colors.

Safe purchase and resale.

100% Safe

Artupia collects and holds the payment until the piece of art reaches the buyer.

For sellers, you are guaranteed payment once the artwork is delivered.
For buyers, you know that you won’t get charged unless you get the art that you want.


Artupia allows you to resell artwork you bought by pressing a single button.
Talk about smart, did we mention that it’s super easy?

Artupia is and will always be free to use for everyone

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