Developing a New Artupia Feature

The will to bring art into the 21st century through modern technologies has pushed the Artupia Team to face the challenge of using the augmented reality technology to allow their users to see artworks on their home wall. Calling it 'challenge' is reductive because there’s only one developer the Artupia Team can count on, which is the CEO Albert, working literally day and night to develop the app and the website, as well as take care of the shipping system.

The New Apple ARKit

Artupia already had a iOS app with an AR feature designed to virtually display artworks on the users’ wall, when the much more sophisticated ARKit , by Apple, came out. Thanks to this, the Artupia app was updated to a new version and now all the owners of an iOS device can see great paintings on their home wall or wherever they like. They can try them out in different positions, and view them from different angles.

All this is possible thanks to the potential offered by ARKit, the recent Apple kit that allows you to take advantage of augmented reality, and it is available for those who have downloaded the iOS 11 update. 'We are thrilled to show you the characteristics of our app combined with the potential offered by Apple's ARKit' says the CEO Albert.

A New User Experience

Artupia's augmented reality allows you to see a painting on the wall as if it was really hanged there.

Moving around with your iphone, you can see the picture you like resized in 3D and you can precisely see how the work will look in your room and see it from different angles. For example, it is possible to appreciate the details by getting closer to the wall. You can even turn around the frame to examine the back of the canvas.

'Our augmented reality feature is at currently the most advanced in the art world. Seeing your favorite work on your wall is a unique experience, and we are going to improve it. We want to give our users the best experience to engage both art lovers and not' says Albert.

Play the video if you want to see the presentation of the Artupia Augmented Reality: