The Desired Spots

There are more than one million apps in the App Store, and sorting through them isn't always easy: that's why the featured spots on the front page of Apple's App Store are so desired among developers. But gaining one of those spots isn't easy, and there's no real way to guarantee it will ever happen: the toughest hurdle for developers and app creators is that there's indeed no real way to catch Apple's attention. There's no formula that tells you how to get your app featured on the App Store… apart from the obvious prerequisite that your product has to actually be good.

The App Features

Albert and his team launched the app one year ago, and Apple featured it yesterday for the first time. The app is a new marketplace of contemporary art and it allows its users to dispose of many useful features to make their buying experience easier and more pleasant than any other they can find. For example, with Artupia you can find the right artwork for you by searching trough categories based on emotions or filters based on prices. Through the augmented reality feature, users can visualize the artworks on the walls in front of them and therefore they are able to see how a particular painting would look on their home walls. Moreover, prices are based on an algorithm that evaluates the artworks considering their physical characteristics and the interest towards them expressed by the users on the website. National and International shipments are automatically organized at the most convenient prices for both the buyers and the sellers.

iOS App Developers’ Dream

As the Artupia Team is composed mainly by young guys in their twenties, reaching this Apple promotion was an unexpected and exciting result: 'We worked hard every day to constantly update our app and add new features. It’s every iOS app developer’s dream to get their native app featured on the App Store. We are so proud of this promotion. We are having a lot of downloads, and it’s exciting to watch our ranking on the app store rise' says the CEO Albert.

Artupia was born only a year ago and these talented and resourceful guys are willing to make the difference in the world of art. Looks like Apple has noticed their determination.