Collaborating with Landor

During the 'pro bono' brand redesign for the platform, Landor developed the 'Army of Artists' typeface based on the artists' signatures for the art marketplace Artupia.

The font aims to celebrate the artists’ individuality: beyond the artworks they create, what is unique of all artists is their signature.

The signature acts indeed almost as a brand mark, as a proud paternity statement: 'I did this'.

The 'Army of Artists' typeface is available to download for free via Artupia, and it will grow over time as more artists will add their signatures to the bank of letters.

Speaking through the signatures

This typeface is consistent with Artupia’s beliefs. Artupia plans everything in order to support the artists as creators: the guys in the team are working hard to change the way art is generally experienced and to help unknown artists to emerge and get their place under the spotlight.

Landor created a typeface to represent an Army of Artists and Artupia can now speak through its artists’ signatures and make the world embrace the goal to make art closer to people.

The open-source typeface

'When we started to ask our artists to sign their names and send us their signatures, we were surprised to get so much feedback and support messages', says the CEO Albert.

Then Landor took the first letter of each signature and crafted a distinct monograph, building up 26 different characters to form the first version of our 'Army of Artists' typeface.

Since then, as Artupia grew and evolved and more and more artists signed up, our typeface has grown organically in the same way.

Available to download directly from our site from the link below, our ever-changing typeface can be used by artists and designers all over the world, as a sign of appreciation and a statement of support to our growing Army.

What the Team asks in return is that you give them credits or tag them whenever you use the typeface, to spread the word of what Artupia does and help get great new artists discovered.

Play the video if you want to see the presentation of the exclusive Landor typeface